Down to the Details - Jeamy and Luke's Style

A major aspect I loved about Jeamy and Luke's wedding was that all the details, specifically the color choices in all those details, were so pulled together.  I personally am a huge fan of neutral, earth-tone colors, and when I can I like to add a hint of color to offset those neutrals (i.e. my website).  Jeamy & Luke's style totally reflected my taste in colors, and they carried it throughout everything.  From one of the first images I shot, you can see there's a nice, clean blue color used to accent the flowers.  Then you see that blue accented in the wedding programs they made, but then also begin to see hints of golds and oranges in those as well.  Move on to the table decor and you see nice white linens and light brown napkins combined with those punches of oranges/golds/blues.  Then, in the last few photographs, you can see how Jeamy incorporated the orange/neutral brown in her shoes, and carried the orange in her bouquet and Luke's tie (not to mention neutral tones for the gals dresses and the guys ties)!  Match those up with the natural greens from the flowers and then the scenery outdoors and it just makes my artistic heart go pitter-patter!  Jeamy and Luke, you did a fantastic job, my friends!  Enjoy the photos below! j&l_nokesville_wedding_3







Thanks for looking!