Katie and Mike's Somers Point, New Jersey Wedding - Part One!

It's very rare I have to battle it out with a hurricane before or during a wedding. Last November I duked it out with Hurricane Ida in Cancun, but lost the battle. She raged on with rain, which pushed the wedding and reception all indoors. However, this year I won! A week ago today, we drove up to Somers Point, NJ to get ready for Katie and Mike's wedding. At that time Hurricane Earl was off the coast of Virginia/Maryland/Delaware/New Jersey, but as we drove up the east coast it seemed to lose us! We did see the clouds and the remnants of some rain when we got there (and we got to see some amazing coastal waves), but all in all, we completely lucked out with this hurricane! Needless to say the very next day was gorgeous for the wedding...sunny with blue skies and a little left-over wind!

I've known Mike all of my life, as he's my cousin, and I've known Katie for at least six years now since they began dating! They are two amazing people who are very in love and perfect for one another. Earlier this year when they asked me to shoot their wedding I was beyond excited. I typically do get to photograph friends, but it's not often I get to photograph family! Their event was more than just me photographing a client. It was me getting to capture a very special day for my family (the second wedding on the Kopp side next to mine...whoo hoo!), and I loved every minute of it. Below are photos before and during the ceremony, which took place at the gorgeous Greate Bay Country Club, with a few of Mike and Katie at a nearby park afterwards. Part II will follow soon with some photos of Katie, Mike and their family and friends partying down! (Family, if you're reading this, I will show no mercy!) ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Almost first look:

Official first look:

The girls' sass made Katie laugh:

Note the ridiculous wind from the willows. Poor groomsmen had leaves in their faces the whole ceremony!

JFK Park photos: