Gillian and Dave’s Alexandria, Virginia Wedding – Part One!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Gillian and Dave's wedding in Alexandria, VA, along with Mike Boggs, and we had a wonderful time! What I loved about their wedding is that they started at the Lorien Hotel & Spa and ended up at River Farm just down the Potomac. Why did I love it? Because those locations were two totally different backdrops! The Lorien is incredibly minimalist and modern, with it's very simplistic palette of light blue, chocolate brown and white (with a few neutrals thrown in there as well). It's so different from River Farm, which is this amazing historic house in Alexandria that has an incredible array of landscaping and flowers. The history involved with the house and property is pretty cool too, if you want to read about it from the above link! Anyway, my mind was on photographic overload the whole time, because both places were just an endless supply of beautiful shots, which you'll see below. I loved what Gillian had put together in terms of color in her wedding. What I remember most are greens and oranges. She specifically used green in her bouquet and the bridal bouquets, but also carried that through to the groomsmen belts. And, sidenote, this is the first time I have ever seen an artichoke in a bridal bouquet (which is below). It is Gillian's favorite food, and she was able to incorporate that in her bouquet...and it looked gorgeous! The oranges were in used in her shoes and then carried through Dave's tie, all of which were J. Crew and awesome looking (isn't J. Crew always awesome looking?). :)

Gillian and Dave were amazing to work with, and I wish they lived closer (they're up in Boston) so I could hang out with them after the fact! Not only were they a gorgeous pair, but they were just very easy going and willing to do whatever we needed them to! Their wedding party, family and friends were just as equally awesome, so a big thanks to them as well! Please enjoy the photos below and stay tuned for the Part II to follow where you can see some of the reception and even more gorgeous details!

Mike Boggs took this next one, isn't it lovely? :)

Thanks for looking!