Sara and Dan’s Northern Virginia Persian Wedding – Part Two!

As promised, here is Sara and Dan's second ceremony, which follows their first ceremony that I blogged about last week! This is my second time to attend a Persian ceremony, also known as the Aghd, in which the couple sits in front of a traditional Persian Sofreh. The word sofreh means “spread” like a table or food spread, and appears in many Persian celebrations. The sofreh contains elements which are believed and hoped to be in the couples marriage. This link is incredibly detailed and even has pictures of what everything is that's involved in a Sofreh Aghd, so if you want to learn more, click on! However, you should look below to see some wonderful pictures from the whole ceremony. I loved photographing this, and I thought Sara's aunt (who made the sofreh) did an incredible job making it for the happy couple! I hope you enjoy the photos below! I'm also including some great photos from the couples dance, in which they transitioned from a traditional dance into a choreographed little number which was hilarious! Sara shared a video from that dance as well which can be viewed here. Enjoy everyone!

Honey is consumed immediately following the ceremony, and the couple feed it to one another to ensure sweetness in their life together:

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Thanks for looking!