Megan and Mike’s After-Wedding Session in Great Falls!

We are back in action with Megan and Mike's portrait session here in gorgeous Great Falls! I shot Megan and Mike's wedding back in June, and you can view those photos here and here. But Megan, being the awesome gal that she is, knew ahead of time that she wanted some more relaxed photographs after her wedding, and we planned ahead for an after-wedding portrait session in the great outdoors! Nothing says great outdoors more than Great Falls, Virginia, so we decided to keep things simple and head to Riverbend Park (one of my fav's) which isn't too far from my home/office base! The day was a little chilly, but it was absolutely stunning outside, and we still even had some leaves on trees! Megan wanted the photo shoot to resemble something of a fairy tale, and I really think we achieved it! We had some very bright lighting, but we managed to work with it and the colors looked incredible!

Many thanks to Megan and Mike for taking their day off with me and heading out here! Next time I'm coming with you both to the Old Brogue afterward! ;) Enjoy!

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