A Lovely Little Band Called We Were Pirates

I am a lucky gal to be married to frontman Mike Boggs of We Were Pirates.  Not only is he a strikingly handsome dude, but he plays and records honestly good music, of which I get to hear every so often (and by "every so often" I mean every day  *grin*).  Well, I'm blogging on this super talented guy and his bandmates that will be accompanying him this Sunday, February 13 for a show at the Black Cat!  The photos below are a good representation of just how attractive this team of former pirates is, so consider yourself lucky if you get to feast your eyes on this rock 'n' roll eye candy.  Enjoy the photos below (from their recent Rock N Roll Hotel show), and for deets on the show, scroll to the bottom! (Oh, and if you have a moment or so, vote for them at Artist of the Month for DC/Baltimore bands in the Deli Magazine contest!  Yay!)


We Were Pirates....The Black Cat....Sunday February 13th....8:30pm....The Silver Liners....Time Travel....You....All Your Friends....$8....

We are going to play so much rock and roll music that everyone will lose their minds and cry. For those who cry, it will be embarrassing, but I think we will all grow emotionally....because of the rock.


Come and hang out with us and listen to the glorious rock and roll music.

http://www.wewerepiratesmusic.com/ http://www.facebook.com/wewerepirates http://www.twitter.com/wwpmusic


Thanks for looking!