Lisa Boggs Loves Squirrels!

Back in August of 2010, I did a little post that received a lot of attention entitled "Lisa Boggs and the Ninja Squirrels."  As a result of the posts popularity (and of course, eh hem, my popularity?  Not!) I have decided I must make it a point to blog more on squirrels.  And just other animals in general.  Why?  Because dear friends, when I am not behind my lovely computer, and when I am not out photographing weddings and portraits, I am peering out of the windows of my home.  Looking at squirrels.  And birds too...bird watching/identifying is a new hobby of mine as well (of which you will see photos of later).  So you see, I am not just a crazy wedding and portrait photographer that is too busy for cute things like squirrels and birds!  I stop, I watch them...I photograph them.  And to be perfectly honest, those little buggers totally see me and look at me.  It's crazy!  So, here are a few photos I took over the past few days of the squirrelios.  More to come along the way...of which I hope at the very least make you giggle. Also, I have to plug my adorable dog Penny, who will probably make it on the blog again as well.  I just can't help myself.  :)

P.S.  Is it wrong that in my head I'm singing "Squirrels!" to the Beastie Boys tune of "Girls?"  Too far?

Thanks for looking!