Valley of Fire Photo Shoot with My Photographer Friends!

Life just wouldn't be the same if I didn't have my photographer friends around to keep me company. Not only do they keep me laughing constantly, but they're such a source of inspiration! I love when I get to spend time with them, with or without the camera. To be able to exchange information and know they share the same kind of joys and fears that you do is a breath of fresh air! I recently spent a good five days in Las Vegas at the WPPI Convention learning from polished pro's in the industry, while also getting to scour new resources and equipment that might benefit Lisa Boggs Photography! It was definitely eye-opening on many levels, and I'm excited to have gone and gained all of that knowledge! However, my most favorite moments from the trip definitely involved hanging out with my photo buddies. We are all super busy most of the time with our businesses, so it was just amazing to get to hang out, relax, party and even get to practice some of our new photography techniques on one another! Below are some photos taken on our last day in town, when we decided to go out to the Valley of Fire State Park, about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Words cannot describe how gorgeous this place was! We had a great time driving around and trying out some off-camera flash techniques while the sun was going down. Thanks to my buddies, Cicely, Jason and Mindy for being such great guides, assistants, photographers and models!  And of course, many thanks to my husband Mike for looking smashing as always (even though he was sick!).  I love you guys!  :)

Thanks for looking!