The Family of Squirrels that Lives in My Tree

Good afternoon, readers!  Today I'm bringing to you some more photos of the adorable squirrels that live on our property.  Up until recently, I knew that most of the squirrels that came to feast on the bird food were from some pine trees that line the side of our property.  However, a most recent discovery indicates that the squirrels that feast on the front yard feeder actually live a large maple tree in the front yard.  You may be thinking, 'How does she know that? Surely she has no proof of this!'  Well readers, you are wrong! My discovery of the tree-dwellers happened when I went to get the mail one day.  I noticed a squirrel at the feeder, then as I approached it, it ran up the tree lightning fast...into a HOLE!  Ever since, I have been stalking what I have now deemed "the squirrel hole," and have been documenting its inhabitants ever since!  The best series I have thus far is below, and includes a squirrel peeping out of the hole, and then a second squirrel who forces his way past first squirrel down the chute.  So adorbs!  Definitely take a looksie for a warm fuzzy.  And so far I have not named the squirrels yet, so let me know if you have any suggestions!  Enjoy!

Click to view larger:

Look at their adorable little faces!

Look at this little guy posing!  Bah!

Thanks for looking!