Lindsey and Daniel's Ceresville Mansion Wedding - Part Two!

If you missed Lindsey and Daniel's getting ready and ceremony photos from part one, go here!  However, if you're ready for some amazing reception photos full of a lot of laughter and fun, keep reading! As you may remember, Lindsey and Daniel had their entire wedding at Ceresville Mansion, so after the ceremony we headed indoors for dinner, dancing and festivities!  DJ Angie D kept us on track with everything, and really kept everyone engaged in the nights events.  DJ Angie D also came out on the dance floor to show guests moves to the songs if they didn't already know them, which was awesome!

I really love all the shots of the dancing from the evening.  It's hard to narrow down favorites, but I do love the portraits I was able to take of Lindsey and Daniel throughout the night, when we could catch a bit of a break!  The first few photos I thought were very Mad Men like, and if you know me well, you know I love Mad Men!  Lindsey and Daniel couldn't take a bad photo in my mind.  They were the perfect couple to work with!

Many thanks to Lindsey and Daniel for choosing me to be part of their special day!  Thanks to my assistant for the day, Asha, for all the help and encouragement...and also many thanks to family and friends I got to see at the wedding (some new, some old!) know who you are and you made the night even better!  :)

Thanks for looking!