Cathy and JP's North Carolina Wedding

Where do I begin with this incredible couple?  I have known JP (the awesome groom) for almost 7 years now and can say he's one of the most down-to-earth nicest guys that exists on the planet.  Seriously.  He's also a really amazing landscape/portrait photographer in North Carolina, and even third shot with me at a wedding last year!  Well, interestingly enough, when Mike and I were visiting JP to shoot that wedding last year, we met Cathy.  Cathy was this charmingly hilarious new friend of JP's that he had just met at the school they both worked at.  Mike I and I knew something was up between the two of them, because when they interacted, it was like nothing in the world existed but them.  They were totally and completely smitten!  So it was no surprise to me after deciding to date, and after several months of dating, they decided to tie the knot!  I'm just so glad I was there to photograph it!  :) Their wedding took place at Cathy's parents house in North Carolina, and it was the perfect spot for their intimate affair.  JP and Cathy looked incredible, and I love how in their photos they just could not take their eyes off one another!  They're the kind of couple that I don't have to give a ton of direction to because they love being in love, and it completely shows.  Many thanks to JP, Cathy and their family and friends for letting us photograph this special occasion!  We couldn't be happier for Cathy and JP!  Enjoy! wedding would be complete without a bouncy castle:

Thanks for looking!