Briean and Casey's Hurricane Irene Wedding - Part One!

Where do I begin with Briean and Casey?  It's been almost a year since I met them, and even though we don't hang out on a regular basis, I definitely consider them to be friends!  They're just an incredible couple inside and out.  I shot two amazing engagement sessions for them, one of them last winter and one this spring, and I honestly can't get enough of hanging out with these two.  That's why it's so crazy that their wedding is over and done with! Briean and Casey's wedding theme was perfectly suited for the two of them, as they both have a unique history with everything nautical.  Casey used to be a rescue diver in the Coast Guard, and Briean's favorite place to be in the world is Bethany Beach.  Not only that, but Briean worked at National Harbor for quite a while!  So when Casey proposed to Briean at Bethany Beach last year, it was no surprise that once they began their wedding planning they went with a classy nautical theme to tie everything in (not to mention planned their reception at National Harbor).  With a white, pink and navy color palette, Briean worked her magic all over this wedding and it pulled together to look amazing!

Of course, one aspect of the wedding we weren't counting on was the fact that a hurricane would be a part of it!  I had just returned from a small trip on Monday to see the news reports of Hurricane Irene brewing in the Atlantic, with the trajectory hitting the east coast, and *gasp* the Washington, D.C. area on Saturday!  Both Briean and I were a little panicked, but we both stayed calm and just came up with a backup plan.  I knew that we would probably have to do most of the formal photographs inside, but I told her we may want to venture out into the rain to get some of the shots I know she envisioned for the wedding.  I have to say, I was completely impressed with Briean, Casey and their wedding party.  I have never met a more passionate group of people who were willing to do whatever it took to get the perfect photographs!  For me, it was a dream, because I'm a huge weather nut, so I was up for anything!  But it was just so amazing to see everyone pull together for the happy couple!

I could go on and on here, but this is only PART ONE of Briean and Casey's wedding!  So, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  :)  Enjoy everyone, and stay tuned for part two!

The salon provide Brie with a hurricane drink:

Many thanks to the Westin National Harbor for letting us shoot indoors:

And now...the outdoor photos!  Also, yes, the four inside-out umbrellas were made that way from the wind, I promise:

Outdoors it looked more like this with all the dark swirly clouds:

Running to the reception:

Briean's garter was falling down so Casey was a big sweetheart and helped a girl out.  Isn't this shot adorbs:

Thanks for looking!