Tracy and Adam's Fort Belvoir Wedding!

Today's blog post features the super adorable couple of Tracy and Adam!  Tracy and Adam were married at Fort Belvoir and their wedding day was absolutely beautiful.  We were able to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and head down to a nearby beach after their ceremony, and I thought their photos turned out awesomely!  Tracy and Adam were the perfect models, and I particularly love the shots of them in their sunglasses.  Do they look badass or what?  :)  But my favorite part of their wedding was probably being introduced to Gangnam Style for the first time ever.  You can see that it was a huge hit in the photo below where Adam is dancing.  Tracy clearly thought it was hilarious (as did I!).  Can't seem to get that song out of my head now!  :) Many thanks to Tracy, Adam and their friends and family for having me there for their big day.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks for looking!