Thank You to My 2012 Wedding Couples

Looking back on 2012, I am the luckiest lady alive to have been a part of 24 amazing weddings.  That's 48 individuals who got hitched, not to mention their families and friends that I had the pleasure of meeting as well!  So crazy! So, couples...are you reading?  :)  I want each and every one of you to know how honored I am to have been able to share your special day with you. The fact that you trusted me with photographing your wedding means the world to me!  And so I'm going to thank you, each couple at a time, with what what I remember most about your wedding.  And of course I'm going to include a couple of my favorite photos from your wedding day underneath my little notes!  So without further ado, here are my incredible couples...

Katie and Jeff, thank you for having one of the warmest weddings on record in February.  And thank you for letting me drag you around a country club looking for the perfect (non-golf course) shots.  Also, I will be opening my Nebbiolo soon, and I seriously can't wait.  Thank you for that!



Maggie and Lucas, thank you for allowing me to take those window photos of you guys.  I know each time we were really pressed for time, but the fact that you let me do my thing was so great.  Also, thanks for breaking some rules in Old Town and sneaking on to the dock where you got engaged for a photo!



Crystal and Stephen, thank you for your patience on a day when it rained all day long.  I'm so happy you brought umbrellas so we could at least go out in it.  And thank you to Stephen for having a security clearance so we could go take my favorite night time shot from your wedding.  Also, many congrats on your new addition to the family, little Lillian!



Suzannah and Keith, thank you for having one of the most relaxed weddings I've ever photographed.  Suzannah, than you for jumping up and down like a school girl right before you and Keith kissed (so cute!).   And thank you, Keith, for letting me wear your crazy warm coat during our freezing cold night time shot!



Maria and Wayne, thank you for your infectious optimism on the day of your wedding, even when we didn't have your ceremony outside.  I really loved the mariachi band, and, well, I can't thank you enough for having that margarita machine.  That was a first for me at a wedding and I hope to see more of them!



Helena and Dan, thank you for writing some of the most emotional vows I've ever heard.  I was crying like a baby while photographing you, but only out of happiness!   I loved spending the day with you, Marco and Gigi.  I can't wait to see your family expand with a new little girl in a few months!



Lauren and Kunal, thank you for being incredibly calm for one of the busiest weddings I've ever photographed!  Your cool demeanor kept me cool as well!  Also, thank you for that amazing Indian food and southern comfort food fusion.  I didn't know it could be done, but you guys knocked it outta the park!

thank_you_wedding_couples_2012_13 thank_you_wedding_couples_2012_14

Alexis and Andrew, thank you for having the most hilarious wedding party and guests ever.  Between the adorable ring bearer (I still get comments on him!) the bridesmaids dance and Kate Middleton and Prince William making an appearance...I seriously had a blast.  And that staircase shot will always be one of my fav's!



Mariah and Evan, thank you for your overwhelming positivity on your wedding day.  Your excitement to marry each other made me seriously giddy!  And thank you for indulging me and asking the firemen if we could take some photos with the firetruck!  I will never forget that!



Sarah and Justin, thank you for having such an emotion-filled wedding.  I think everyone felt a full range of emotion from tears to complete laugh-out-loud excitement!  And of course nothing was more exciting then Sarah doing the worm during the reception!  It was incredible!



Jess and Matt, thank you for having fun with each other on your wedding day.  You two were constantly looking at each other, making faces and smiling, which I just loved.  Matt, I'll always love that you shot hoops before your ceremony.  And I can't thank you both enough for having gluten-free Georgetown Cupcakes at the reception!  Made my night!



Amanda and Adam, thank you for one of the cutest first looks I've ever photographed!  Thank you for trusting me to take you outside in the shade for five minutes in the 110 degree heat, as I'm sure you were skeptical.  But hey, you both didn't sweat at all and you looked great!



Deanna and Joe, thank you for remaining the calmest of calm on a day where storms kept creeping in!  Even though a storm came through right before the ceremony, and even though it rained during some of the portraits, you guys were total champs and let me photograph you wherever I wanted.  Also, I'll never forget your sparkler exit which consisted of more smoke then sparkle due to the high wind!



Dayna and Ryan, thank you for being that couple that just wanted to get married real fast so you could celebrate!  What I remember most is your reception and what a blast you and your guests had dancing until the party was forced to shut down.  It was awesome!



Tracy and Adam, thank you for doing hilarious poses for me, like sticking your tongue out (which is an Adam thing) and wearing your sunglasses like badasses.  Also, thank you for being the first couple to introduce me to Gangnam Style at their reception!  And you guys totally knew the dance and everything!



Mia and Rob, thank you for being all smiles from start to finish, even when we had the threat of rain all day.  Thank you for indulging me with my obsession with the rooftop of the DAR Museum (loved those photos) and I thought Mia surprising Rob with donuts at the reception was exceptionally awesome!



Jen and Joel, thank you for being so excited to marry each other.  It was as if no other people were in the room but you all during your vows!  And thank you for inviting me to spend time with you family and friends prior to the wedding...just to get to know them.  I absolutely loved that!



Anne and Sam, thank you for persevering on your wedding day when a lot of stuff went wrong!  Sure the wedding started late, but it didn't matter at all.  It was incredible!  Also, thank you for hopping in my little car and riding with me up the hill to take some stellar portraits of you two!  It was totally worth it and I'd do it again!



Liz and Tim, thank you for letting me take a zillion photos of you guys, even though I know you're not photo people!  And thank you for walking up that staircase back and forth at the Hotel Monaco.  I was a little obsessed, but only because you guys looked amazing on it!



Natalie and Nathan, I think you officially win silliest couple of 2012!  Thank you for your energy and for always making everyone around you laugh.  Aside from the cigar photo, I think I'll always remember your epic bobble heads that you had at your wedding!  So cool!



Ashley and Will, thank you for being so low-key on your wedding day.  Thank you for never panicking even when so much was going on, and thank you (a million thank you's) for bringing your amazing Ducati motorcycle!  That is something I will never forget!



Karleigh and Jack, thank you for having the party of 2012!  I knew you guys were high-energy and so much fun, but when your reception rolled around, I had no idea it would be like a rock concert!  It was seriously one of the best times I've ever had at a reception!



Evan and Shari, thank you for trying to take outdoor photos when it was frigidly cold!  You guys really made an effort, which was amazing.  I still loved our indoor photos, and I really loved our nighttime shot of you guys in front of the key bridge!



Molly and Dave, thank you for your excitement about each other leading up to your first look.  I just love the portraits of you two together!  And thank you for having a fun, upbeat reception where even I got to let loose and hang out with you guys and some friends.  Your wedding was the perfect ending to my 2012 year!



Thank you again to all of my incredible couples!  I couldn't have done it all without you!  I hope you are well and I'm sending you so much love from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes,