Christin's Snowy Trash the Dress Session!

Yesterday we were supposed to get slammed with a ton of snow from winter storm Saturn, or more known to the local area, Snowquester.  Snowquester actually did dump a lot of snow, but most of the snow here in Great Falls only accumulated to about three inches.  Sad face!  Nevertheless, I wasn't about to throw in the towel in regards to a snowy portrait session of some kind, so my darling sister-in-law Christin graciously accepted the invitation to model for me!  I had purchased a vintage powder blue gown not too long ago and I was just dying to use it in the snow, and as luck would have it, it was Christin's size and matched her gorgeous blue eyes!  So we marched off to a nearby field (I know, I know, but it was the only thing left that didn't look like slush!) and took some photos.  These were my favorite photos from yesterday, and I hope you enjoy them.  Hopefully next year we'll get some more extreme snow to cheer up this meteographer and extreme weather junkie!  :) christin_snow_photos_01





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