Featured - Junebug Weddings Honorable Mention - Hilarious Engagement Photos!

I was ridiculously excited yesterday to learn that one of my images of Jessica and Seth won a Best of the Best Honorable Mention award from Junebug Weddings!  Junebug Weddings just recently launched their Best of the Best Engagement Photos contest, and when I got wind of it, I knew I had to enter.  I admit out of thousands of photos entered into Junebug, I kept my expectations very low.  However, I was super delighted when they informed me of this honorable mention win yesterday afternoon! Here's the photo of Jessica and Seth that won:

lisa_boggs_of_ lisa_boggs_photography_06

Below is how the photo appeared on their website!  You can also click to view Junebug's full post here, and I highly recommend viewing the 51 winning photos who were the very Best of the Best!  It's such a beautiful collection!

Thanks so much, Junebug Weddings!


Thanks for looking!