Lisa Boggs is a Three-Time Fearless Photographers Award Winner!

Say whaaaaaaat?!  I won some awards?!  It's true!  Last year I decided to take the plunge and start entering some of my wedding photos into competitions, my first competition being with Fearless Photographers.  I cannot even begin to explain how intimidating Fearless Photographers is to me.  Each and every image I've ever seen from this group of photographers has floored me!  So, needless to say, I never thought in a million years I could win anything with it.  Plus, the odds are not fabulous...each image I submit has less than a 1% chance of receiving an award.  And those odds are only getting harder!  Eeek! Anyway, as luck would have it, I nabbed three awards, one each in Collections 20, 21 and 22!  I screamed like a maniac each time I received one and I'm convinced Penny the Dog thinks I was possessed each time.  But hey, what're ya gonna do?  :)  Here are the photos that won with little mini descriptions about the the photographs underneath:


"This was one of those photographs where you had to be right there in the action to get it in time! I was already following the best man and his girlfriend quite closely, as they had a ton of energy and were dancing wildly on the dance floor. In a span of seconds, I saw the girlfriend jump up on the best man, wrap her legs around him and then he proceeded to spin her around in the middle of the dance floor! I'm still not quite sure how I got this shot as the best man did not spin his girlfriend for long, but I'm so happy I did. It's a really fun, sexy, dynamic shot with lots of color and movement. Plus, I absolutely love the way the girlfriends hair looks in this photo. It's definitely a favorite reception photo of mine!"


"My couple happened to be dentists (who even met at dental school) and they incorporated the teeth/dental theme throughout their wedding. I had conjured up a few ideas before the wedding that had the same motif, but when I saw that my couple had floss favors at their candy table (so cute, right?) I knew I had to take a photo of them flossing together. So, after my bride changed dresses for the evening, I had my couple head into the bathroom for the flossing photo. The best part about this shot, besides it being completely silly, was that they really did floss their teeth and thanked me for having them do so. Apparently they needed a good flossing and didn't know it!"

lisaboggs-r22 copy

"When I found out that my couple owned a 1965 Plymouth Fury, I just had to photograph them in it! I envisioned the groom in the driver's seat with the bride behind him and their hands clasped together outside of their windows (focusing on the hands with the couple slightly blurred in the background). I have to admit, it wasn't the most natural of poses, but once I put them there, it just worked. We were in an average neighborhood, so to make the photo more visually appealing, I crouched down on the ground and shot up toward them. I was very pleased with the result and it's one of my favorite couples portraits I've ever taken!"

Here's hoping I can nab a few more Fearless Photographers awards this year, but with so much talent to compete with, it's going to be really tough to do!  At any rate, I'll just keep pushing myself to try new things and continue grow as a photographer and a person.  That's the very best I can do!

Thanks so much for reading!


P.S.  To view my Fearless Photographers profile, just go here!  Thanks!