The Foxes in My Neighborhood

Every once in a while I blog about the wildlife I encounter in my neighborhood.  This past spring and summer were BOOMING at Casa de Boggs, so we've had an abundance of animals.  Today I'm blogging about the family of foxes I encountered in the late spring.

This all started because Mike happened to see the foxes when he was on our porch one evening.  He grabbed the camera and called me out there and pointed them out in the field just beyond the tree line.  A mama fox brought her kits into the field with her and watched them as they ran around and played.  It was one of the most amazing things I've seen.  

It's hard to tell from the photos, but I'm pretty sure I counted six kits total that day.  The most you see in one frame is five.  And, if it helps, I made an animated gif of four kits running in the field (with mama watching and the fifth kit with its face down the foxhole).  Because I do what I want and I demand to see those fluffballs in action!  :)

After our first encounter with the foxes, there were only a couple more times where I managed to get some photos.  The kits would only be outside in the morning or at dusk, so I missed them a good chunk of the time.  But, I did get more shots of them playing, and one even with some kind of small animal in its mouth.  I particularly love the photo of the three kits playing, one kit on top of another with its leg in the air, all three staring at me.

The family of foxes moved on sometime in the summer.  We heard them at night for a couple of months and then it dwindled off.  Every once in a while we see one of the kits, now very attractive adults, running in the field.  It's infrequent, but it's nice to know they're still around.  Maybe if I'm lucky I'll catch one playing in the field again one of these evenings!

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of super adorable, non-wedding related goodness!  Happy Friday!

Thanks for looking!