Junia and Colin's Bluemont Vineyard Virginia Wedding

Junia and Colin's wedding was a truly special one! They were married at Bluemont Vineyard, one of my favorite places to photograph. It was the perfect day outside...sunny and happy...just like Junia and Colin! These two were beyond giddy that they had found each other and could marry alongside their closest friends and family. You can feel the love just looking at the photos.

One of my favorite elements to the wedding day is that Junia and Colin had an entourage of kids as flower girls and ring bearers. They were an integral part of the wedding and I absolutely loved it! You never knew what they were going to do next and it kept me on my toes, which was very fun.

My favorite images of the day is the last one. As you may notice in some of the photos, Colin was gifted some liquid nitrogen to make ice cream on site! Well, we used it to create a night time photo where it looked like Junia and Colin are kissing on a cloud. It was so exciting to create!

Many thanks to Junia and Colin for having me photograph their wedding day. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Thanks for looking!