Sarah and Daniel's Reagan National Airport Engagement Session!

I'm so excited to share Sarah and Daniel's engagement photos with you today!  I have known Daniel for a long time now, as I've photographed both of his siblings weddings (Hi JP and Jacqueline!).  So when Sarah, Daniel's fiancée, reached out to me about photographing their wedding, I was beyond thrilled and I cannot wait for their big day!

Sarah and I became immediate friends and we both decided it was a good idea to do an engagement session so she and Daniel could get comfortable in front of the camera.  We went back and forth with location ideas, but when she suggested Reagan National Airport as an option, I was totally in.  Sarah and Daniel both LOVE traveling and they really wanted photos that represented travel well. Daniel is also an architect and is a fan of gorgeous architecture (of course!), so that played a huge role in choosing Reagan Airport as well.

So, one bright, sunny afternoon, we met up and drove to Reagan Airport!  We had luggage in tow so Sarah and Daniel looked like legit travelers.  We stayed mostly in the terminal C area, grabbing a lot of wide architectural shots on the main floor, then some fun departure area photos on the second floor.  We took a little break in the airport restaurant for some drinks  (yay!) and then moved on to the Metro station area for some train photos.  After that we decided to head to Gravelly Point Park to get some sunset photos with the planes as they landed.  I am beyond thrilled with how all of the photos turned out and hope you enjoy them below!

Sarah and Daniel, thank you so much for having me photograph the most unique and fun engagement session I've ever had!  I hope you love the photos as much as I do!

Update: This engagement session was featured by Washingtonian Magazine! Squee!

Stephanie and Brian's Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session!

I'm so excited to share Stephanie and Brian's Meadowlark Botanical Gardens session with you today!  Stephanie and Brian are two of the nicest, most laid-back people I've ever met.  And, as it turns out, Stephanie and I discovered she went to grad school with one of my closest friends after she booked me!  Bonus for working with friends of friends!  :) Stephanie, Brian and I met up on a cold October day to begin their engagement session with their pup, Charlie.  I'm a sucker for dogs, so of course I couldn't resist having him in a few photos!  After we left Charlie at Stephanie and Brian's house, we drove over to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, the location for their wedding.  Even though it was cold outside, everything looked so warm and inviting!  The colors on the trees were looking bright and lovely and some of the lighting at Meadowlark that day was spot on.  Brian was great and kept Stephanie nice and warm, which is what every fantastic fiancé should do during a cold engagement session, amiright?  ;)  My favorite photos of Stephanie and Brian were at the very end when the sun was going down.  Brian and I concurred that, even though we were on our way out of the gardens, the light was too good to resist photographing with!  I am so glad we stopped and made those photographs happen!

Stephanie and Brian (and Charlie), I love you guys and these photos and I cannot wait for you upcoming wedding this year at Meadowlark!  Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement SessionMeadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement SessionMeadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement SessionMeadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

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Andrea and Nicole's Old Town Alexandria and Lincoln Memorial Engagement Session!

I'm so excited to share my engagement session with Andrea and Nicole on the blog today!  I met Andrea and Nicole this past summer and I instantly felt like they were old pals of mine.  They're both gorgeous gals, super laid-back and incredibly fun to be around.  Not to mention, they are just smitten with each other and I love the energy they have between the two of them! For their engagement session, we decided to incorporate Old Town Alexandria (where they live) and the Lincoln Memorial to add a little DC edge!  Photographing Andrea and Nicole was a dream because they really connect with each other without too much direction.  They also could switch back and forth between looking like total models and being complete goofballs!  My favorite moment though was when I had positioned Andrea and Nicole on the ground with some leaves and started photographing above them.  We had some passers-by who had to exclaim, "Look!  Twins!" and we all had a big laugh over it.  Thanks so much for a ridiculously fun engagement session, Andrea and Nicole!  I can't wait for your wedding later this year!  :)


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Saleena and Omar's Washington DC Engagement Session!

I'm super excited to share Saleena and Omar's engagement session with you today!  Saleena and Omar were a blast to work with .  Leading up to the engagement session Saleena and I texted back and forth about outfits for the two of them (which even included photos!).  So I got to play the role of stylist and photographer with them which was definitely different for me, but so much fun! As I'm sure you'll see from the photos, Saleena and Omar are not only gorgeous, but have an electric energy between them.  I did not have to instruct them how to pose very often, because they knew exactly what to do!  We were able to get some gorgeously bright and dramatic photos at the Lincoln Memorial and Georgetown Waterfront, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.  My very favorite is the one of them about to kiss in front of columns with Saleena's hair blowing in the wind.  :)  Enjoy!










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Kim and Kevin's Springtime Engagement Session!

Today feels a bit like winter, but don't worry because those warm, springtime temperatures will be back in no time!  Also, why not warm up with these lovely engagement photos of Kim and Kevin?  Trust me, you'll feel the warmth with these beautiful, sun-kissed photos! I met Kim and Kevin down in DC last weekend to photograph their engagements among the newly blossomed trees.  First, I was introduced to their golden doodle, Macaroni (aka, Macki), who we took a few photos with before he had to leave us (he did so well, even for a four-month-old pup!).  Then we just spent some quality time among the gorgeous weeping cherry blossoms and weeping willows on Ohio Drive!  Kim and Kevin were all laughs and smiles the entire time, which really translates in the photos.  My favorite part though, was when Kim changed outfits and wore a tutu she bought specifically for the engagement shoot.  I about died when she showed it to me and couldn't wait to photograph it!  Conclusion: tutu's make everything better.  :)

Kim, Kevin and Macki, thanks so much for having me along to photograph your engagement photos!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

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Whitney and Craig's Herndon, Virginia Engagement Session!

Whitney and Craig are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet.  When I befriend someone new in the area, half the time Whitney and Craig already know them because they are natives to this area and have accumulated an insane amount of friends over the years.  But, it's no surprise because Whitney and Craig are adorable, charming, incredibly sweet and always willing to pass some wine around if the occasion calls for it! Since Whitney and Craig are both from Herndon, Virginia and fiercely proud of it, it only made sense for us to do their engagement session there!  They incorporated a lot of visual elements like signs and t-shirts into the mix as well to make it very obvious they are Herndon supporters!  I just loved getting to spend time with them at Whitney's parents place, the local baseball fields, and downtown Herndon.  And of course, their incredibly cute dog, Kramer, made it into a photo to make the engagement photo session complete!

Whitney and Craig, I had the best time with you and love your photos!  I can't wait to photograph your wedding next year!  Enjoy!

















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Alison, Ryan and Hippo's Arlington, Virginia Engagement Session!

This engagement session will make your heart melt.  Not only are Alison and Ryan gorgeous, adorable and head-over-heels in love, but they have one of the cutest dogs I've ever laid eyes on.  Their bulldogs name is Hippo, and because she's one of the loveliest animals ever, they of course had to include her in their engagement session! We went to a couple of different spots for Alison and Ryan's photos, the first being Carpool in Arlington.  Carpool is where Alison and Ryan first met, so of course it made sense to take a couple of casual photos there.  Unfortunately, Hippo had to stay in the air-conditioned car because Carpool doesn't allow dogs, but we did get a few photos with her close by!  After hanging out at Carpool for a bit, we then visited the Hendry House where Alison and Ryan's wedding will be next year.  Luckily for us, there was no wedding happening that day, so we walked leisurely about the grounds and had a grand ole time.  Alison and Ryan were the perfect models, and hey, anytime we could add Hippo in the mix for a family photo, it just kicked things up a notch!  I think my favorite photo is the black and white of Ryan holding Alison in his arms while Hippo looks longingly at them on her leash.  It's such a sweet photo!

Alison, Ryan and Hippo, I had an absolute blast and I cannot WAIT for your wedding next year.  I sincerely hope that smooshface can make an appearance (obviously I'm referring to Hippo)!  Enjoy!


















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Corey and Matt's Ellanor C. Lawrence Park Engagement Session!

I love Corey and Matt.  When I met up with them recently for their engagement session at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park, it was the first time I had met Matt, and I was skeptical as to whether or not he would do well during the session.  Most of my couples do a pretty great job, but sometimes it takes the guys a little bit longer to loosen up.  But, it wasn't long before he had both Corey and I cracking up during their photos!  He totally knew when to be fun and when to tone it down and be sexy, and they really have a delightful mix of the two looks.  You can tell they're a couple that totally fits together perfectly, which I just love.  Plus, they had their adorable dog, Chewy, in some of the photographs...and I'll never turn away an adorable dog!  Ever!  It was such a fun session and I could have spent hours and hours with this amazing couple. Corey and Matt, I hope you enjoy these photos and I am beyond excited to celebrate your wedding with you next year!  I only wish we could bring Chewy with us!  ;)  Enjoy!


















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Featured - Junebug Weddings Honorable Mention - Hilarious Engagement Photos!

I was ridiculously excited yesterday to learn that one of my images of Jessica and Seth won a Best of the Best Honorable Mention award from Junebug Weddings!  Junebug Weddings just recently launched their Best of the Best Engagement Photos contest, and when I got wind of it, I knew I had to enter.  I admit out of thousands of photos entered into Junebug, I kept my expectations very low.  However, I was super delighted when they informed me of this honorable mention win yesterday afternoon! Here's the photo of Jessica and Seth that won:

lisa_boggs_of_ lisa_boggs_photography_06

Below is how the photo appeared on their website!  You can also click to view Junebug's full post here, and I highly recommend viewing the 51 winning photos who were the very Best of the Best!  It's such a beautiful collection!

Thanks so much, Junebug Weddings!


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Jen and Scott's Bristow Manor Engagement Session!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Jen and Scott for their engagement session at Bristow Manor in Bristow, Virginia!  We had such a blast riding around on golf carts to various destinations on the property, and even got to bring their dog, Brody, in for a few photos!  It was a perfect blue-sky day, much like today, and I thought Jen and Scott coordinated fabulously with the bright colors!  Jen and Scott, thanks so much for spending your engagement session with me!  I can't wait for your wedding later this year!  Enjoy! j&s_bristow_engagement_photos_01









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Jessica, Brian and Saniya's Family Engagement Session at the National Zoo and Cathedral!

When I first met with Jessica, I was incredibly excited about the idea of working with she and her fiancé, Brian.  They're a very sweet, laid-back couple, who dress crazy well and have a ton of personality!  Jessica mentioned in our meeting that if we were going to do an engagement session, it would most definitely include Saniya, Brian's daughter.  For me, I thought this was an awesome direction to take an engagement session.  Sure, I'd snap a few of Jessica and Brian by themselves, but I absolutely loved the idea of including Saniya and having that family dynamic in their engagement photos.  I promise you, it made these photos even better! We started our session out at the National Zoo, because Jessica and Brian had indicated the three of them went their at Christmastime and had a blast.  I thought it was a fabulous idea and off we went traipsing about the zoo!  I have to admit, it was hard for me to focus on taking some family photos at times because I am a huge animal lover and wanted to "ooh" and "aah" at the animals along with Jessica, Brian and Saniya.  But I had to make sure to interact and pose with these three cuties as much as possible to get some stellar photos!  My favorites at the zoo are definitely the laughing photos where Jessica, Brian and Saniya are being total goofballs.

The latter part of our session took place at the Bishops Garden at the National Cathedral, and Jessica, Brian and Saniya made sure to change into some really gorgeous outfits for a more formal look (I admittedly was a little obsessed with Jessica's orange vintage fascinator)!  I was really excited that the garden was pretty lush and green, and even had a few tree blossoms to work with (our session was before the summer weather had set in!).  My favorite photo from the garden was of Brian and Jessica in the stone doorway about to kiss, but runners up of course are going to be the photos with the three of them acting sassy and hilarious.  These three really know how to turn out some gorgeous photos, and I'm sure you understand how hard it was for me to narrow them down!

Jessica, Brian and Saniya, thank you so much for joining me in such a fun family engagement session!  I can't wait for the wedding later this year so I can photograph your smiling faces again!  Enjoy!
















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Lauren and Ryan's Capitol Hill Engagement Session!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I'm here to show off Lauren and Ryan's recent engagement shoot at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC!  Last fall Ryan proposed to Lauren at the Capitol, so it only seemed fitting for us to do their engagement photos there.  We met there the Saturday before inauguration, and although it took us quite a while to find parking and meet up with each other, we somehow managed to work around the huge crowd.  Although we really wanted to get some photos on the back side of the Capitol (facing the mall), everything was fenced off so we had to get really crafty!  We utilized the front side of the Capitol instead, where there was less foot traffic and we could make Lauren and Ryan look like they were the only two people there.  My personal favorites are the silhouettes of Lauren and Ryan and any of the nighttime photos where the Capitol was all lit up.  There's something about the Capitol lit up at night that is just so romantic (and props to Ryan for utilizing that!).  :) Lauren and Ryan, you two are such a fantastic couple to work with and I seriously cannot wait for your wedding later this year!  Enjoy these photos!











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Megan and Kevin's Theadore Roosevelt Island Engagement Session!

Back in the fall, one of my final engagement sessions was with the adorable couple, Megan and Kevin!  Megan and Kevin met up with me at Roosevelt Island with their adorable dog, Booker, and we were able to capture some really great photos.  The colors on Roosevelt Island at the time were amazing, considering how late in the season it was, and all the colors Megan and Kevin wore really popped with the leaves!  As you can see, Megan and Kevin are totally cute in front of the camera.  My favorites of them may be Megan and Kevin in their Livestrong shirts (Kevin is a cancer survivor), and them trying to look tough but then cracking up.  They're too silly to be serious! Thanks so much, Megan, Kevin and Booker!  Enjoy!













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