Sarah and Daniel's Reagan National Airport Engagement Session!

I'm so excited to share Sarah and Daniel's engagement photos with you today!  I have known Daniel for a long time now, as I've photographed both of his siblings weddings (Hi JP and Jacqueline!).  So when Sarah, Daniel's fiancée, reached out to me about photographing their wedding, I was beyond thrilled and I cannot wait for their big day!

Sarah and I became immediate friends and we both decided it was a good idea to do an engagement session so she and Daniel could get comfortable in front of the camera.  We went back and forth with location ideas, but when she suggested Reagan National Airport as an option, I was totally in.  Sarah and Daniel both LOVE traveling and they really wanted photos that represented travel well. Daniel is also an architect and is a fan of gorgeous architecture (of course!), so that played a huge role in choosing Reagan Airport as well.

So, one bright, sunny afternoon, we met up and drove to Reagan Airport!  We had luggage in tow so Sarah and Daniel looked like legit travelers.  We stayed mostly in the terminal C area, grabbing a lot of wide architectural shots on the main floor, then some fun departure area photos on the second floor.  We took a little break in the airport restaurant for some drinks  (yay!) and then moved on to the Metro station area for some train photos.  After that we decided to head to Gravelly Point Park to get some sunset photos with the planes as they landed.  I am beyond thrilled with how all of the photos turned out and hope you enjoy them below!

Sarah and Daniel, thank you so much for having me photograph the most unique and fun engagement session I've ever had!  I hope you love the photos as much as I do!

Update: This engagement session was featured by Washingtonian Magazine! Squee!

Stephanie and Brian's Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session!

I'm so excited to share Stephanie and Brian's Meadowlark Botanical Gardens session with you today!  Stephanie and Brian are two of the nicest, most laid-back people I've ever met.  And, as it turns out, Stephanie and I discovered she went to grad school with one of my closest friends after she booked me!  Bonus for working with friends of friends!  :) Stephanie, Brian and I met up on a cold October day to begin their engagement session with their pup, Charlie.  I'm a sucker for dogs, so of course I couldn't resist having him in a few photos!  After we left Charlie at Stephanie and Brian's house, we drove over to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, the location for their wedding.  Even though it was cold outside, everything looked so warm and inviting!  The colors on the trees were looking bright and lovely and some of the lighting at Meadowlark that day was spot on.  Brian was great and kept Stephanie nice and warm, which is what every fantastic fiancé should do during a cold engagement session, amiright?  ;)  My favorite photos of Stephanie and Brian were at the very end when the sun was going down.  Brian and I concurred that, even though we were on our way out of the gardens, the light was too good to resist photographing with!  I am so glad we stopped and made those photographs happen!

Stephanie and Brian (and Charlie), I love you guys and these photos and I cannot wait for you upcoming wedding this year at Meadowlark!  Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement SessionMeadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement SessionMeadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement SessionMeadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

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Woltering Family Portraits!

I'm so excited to share photos from a recent family shoot I did with the adorable Woltering family!  This is such a special portrait session for me because Astrid (the gorgeous mamacita in the pale pink skirt) is a dear photographer friend of mine.  She's one of the kindest, most hilarious, no-nonsense and talented gals I know and I'm so lucky to call her my friend.  Her husband and daughter are just as adorable as she is, and with a new Woltering on the way in just a few short months, I leapt at the opportunity to photograph all of them together! Astrid, Chris and Charlotte were such a joy to photograph.  Charlotte is one of the cutest, most energetic toddlers around and is officially obsessed with picking flowers, hugging/kissing trees and running everywhere instead of taking photos!  However, she did a fantastic job of interacting with her mom and dad (and even hammed it up for a few photographs in between her activities!).  My favorite photos are definitely of the these three laughing and loving on one another.  I love this family to pieces and cannot wait for the next baby Woltering to come along!

Thank you Astrid, Chris and Charlotte for spending an evening with me and letting me photograph your beautiful faces!  Love you to the moon and back!

Just a little ice cream before glamming it up for the shoot, duh.  :D








Credit to Astrid for this next photo!





















This next photo looks cute, but really, Charlotte was having a meltdown:


Credit to Astrid for grabbing the camera from me to document the meltdown.  I know Charlotte's crying, but she's just so cute!


Aaaaand loungefest after the shoot.  Love it!

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Heather and Greg's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing two awesome people: Heather and Greg!  When I met Heather and Greg, I was instantly attracted to their positive energy, not to mention their humor, as these two had joked with me about being nudists!  Just so you know, they are not nudists, but they are the nicest couple ever and I was so thrilled to be a part of their wedding at Bluemont Vineyard.  Their wedding day was sunny, relaxed and a ton of fun.  There were times I didn't even feel like Heather and Greg's wedding photographer because their family and friends were so nice to me, which is truly a sign that I was with a great group of people.  Thank you, Heather and Greg, for having me along to photograph your special day.  I had an amazing time with you, your family and friends, and hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! h&g_bluemont_vineyard_wedding_001































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Kim and Kevin's Springtime Engagement Session!

Today feels a bit like winter, but don't worry because those warm, springtime temperatures will be back in no time!  Also, why not warm up with these lovely engagement photos of Kim and Kevin?  Trust me, you'll feel the warmth with these beautiful, sun-kissed photos! I met Kim and Kevin down in DC last weekend to photograph their engagements among the newly blossomed trees.  First, I was introduced to their golden doodle, Macaroni (aka, Macki), who we took a few photos with before he had to leave us (he did so well, even for a four-month-old pup!).  Then we just spent some quality time among the gorgeous weeping cherry blossoms and weeping willows on Ohio Drive!  Kim and Kevin were all laughs and smiles the entire time, which really translates in the photos.  My favorite part though, was when Kim changed outfits and wore a tutu she bought specifically for the engagement shoot.  I about died when she showed it to me and couldn't wait to photograph it!  Conclusion: tutu's make everything better.  :)

Kim, Kevin and Macki, thanks so much for having me along to photograph your engagement photos!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

Springtime Cherry Blossom Engagement Session // Lisa Boggs Photography // DC Engagement Photography

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Jessica, Brian and Saniya's Family Engagement Session at the National Zoo and Cathedral!

When I first met with Jessica, I was incredibly excited about the idea of working with she and her fiancé, Brian.  They're a very sweet, laid-back couple, who dress crazy well and have a ton of personality!  Jessica mentioned in our meeting that if we were going to do an engagement session, it would most definitely include Saniya, Brian's daughter.  For me, I thought this was an awesome direction to take an engagement session.  Sure, I'd snap a few of Jessica and Brian by themselves, but I absolutely loved the idea of including Saniya and having that family dynamic in their engagement photos.  I promise you, it made these photos even better! We started our session out at the National Zoo, because Jessica and Brian had indicated the three of them went their at Christmastime and had a blast.  I thought it was a fabulous idea and off we went traipsing about the zoo!  I have to admit, it was hard for me to focus on taking some family photos at times because I am a huge animal lover and wanted to "ooh" and "aah" at the animals along with Jessica, Brian and Saniya.  But I had to make sure to interact and pose with these three cuties as much as possible to get some stellar photos!  My favorites at the zoo are definitely the laughing photos where Jessica, Brian and Saniya are being total goofballs.

The latter part of our session took place at the Bishops Garden at the National Cathedral, and Jessica, Brian and Saniya made sure to change into some really gorgeous outfits for a more formal look (I admittedly was a little obsessed with Jessica's orange vintage fascinator)!  I was really excited that the garden was pretty lush and green, and even had a few tree blossoms to work with (our session was before the summer weather had set in!).  My favorite photo from the garden was of Brian and Jessica in the stone doorway about to kiss, but runners up of course are going to be the photos with the three of them acting sassy and hilarious.  These three really know how to turn out some gorgeous photos, and I'm sure you understand how hard it was for me to narrow them down!

Jessica, Brian and Saniya, thank you so much for joining me in such a fun family engagement session!  I can't wait for the wedding later this year so I can photograph your smiling faces again!  Enjoy!
















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Christin's Snowy Trash the Dress Session!

Yesterday we were supposed to get slammed with a ton of snow from winter storm Saturn, or more known to the local area, Snowquester.  Snowquester actually did dump a lot of snow, but most of the snow here in Great Falls only accumulated to about three inches.  Sad face!  Nevertheless, I wasn't about to throw in the towel in regards to a snowy portrait session of some kind, so my darling sister-in-law Christin graciously accepted the invitation to model for me!  I had purchased a vintage powder blue gown not too long ago and I was just dying to use it in the snow, and as luck would have it, it was Christin's size and matched her gorgeous blue eyes!  So we marched off to a nearby field (I know, I know, but it was the only thing left that didn't look like slush!) and took some photos.  These were my favorite photos from yesterday, and I hope you enjoy them.  Hopefully next year we'll get some more extreme snow to cheer up this meteographer and extreme weather junkie!  :) christin_snow_photos_01





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Lauren and Ryan's Capitol Hill Engagement Session!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I'm here to show off Lauren and Ryan's recent engagement shoot at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC!  Last fall Ryan proposed to Lauren at the Capitol, so it only seemed fitting for us to do their engagement photos there.  We met there the Saturday before inauguration, and although it took us quite a while to find parking and meet up with each other, we somehow managed to work around the huge crowd.  Although we really wanted to get some photos on the back side of the Capitol (facing the mall), everything was fenced off so we had to get really crafty!  We utilized the front side of the Capitol instead, where there was less foot traffic and we could make Lauren and Ryan look like they were the only two people there.  My personal favorites are the silhouettes of Lauren and Ryan and any of the nighttime photos where the Capitol was all lit up.  There's something about the Capitol lit up at night that is just so romantic (and props to Ryan for utilizing that!).  :) Lauren and Ryan, you two are such a fantastic couple to work with and I seriously cannot wait for your wedding later this year!  Enjoy these photos!











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Mia and Rob's Daughters of the American Revolution Museum Wedding!

There is so much to love about Mia and Rob's wedding that took place at the Daughters of American Revolution Museum!  First off, their color palette was amazing.  You'll know straight away with the photos what I mean.  I love that they used a paint splatter of yellow, pink and purple on their invites, and they carried those colors through their flowers, table decorations, and even their uplighting at their reception.  Secondly, they used their rottweiler, Paige, as an inspiration for their reception decor.  They even had people sign a portrait of her!  Anyone who is willing to use their dog as part of their wedding has my seal of approval! Mia and Rob's big day began at The Willard in Washington, D.C.  We were able to get some great getting ready photos, followed by Mia and Rob's super cute first look!  Afterward, even though it started raining slightly, Mia, Rob and their fearless gang (the wedding party) began the journey on foot over to the DAR!  By the time we arrived the rain stopped and we were able to capture some really awesome photos just outside the DAR and then on the roof!  Personally, I'm obsessed with that rooftop view.  I love that I can see the Washington Monument and then turn and get a really crazy picture of the green copper facade of the DAR.  So cool!

Due to the threat of rain, the ceremony was inside under the DAR's portico.  It was still really beautiful, and both Mia and Rob looked like they were having the time of their lives tying the knot!  Afterward I took a few more photos of Mia and Rob on the roof and then it was time for the reception!  I still can't get over all of the amazing bright colors they used and how it all tied in perfectly. After dinner, Mia switched into her second dress of the evening before their first dance.  I particularly loved the uplighting outside which was rotating all of their signature colors.  Another awesome detail Mia and Rob had was...a donut stand!  It was torture for a gluten-free eater such as myself, but man, those cake donuts looked amazing!  To end the night, I took Mia and Rob back upstairs on the roof and lit them up with the green facade of the DAR and the very beautiful Washington Monument.  I told you I couldn't get enough of that view!  :)

Many thanks to Mia, Rob and their families and friends for letting me be a part of their big day.  And also, many thanks to all of the incredible vendors they used.  This wedding was a WIN!

Catering: Susan Gage 
Venue: DAR Museum
Videographer:  Thomas Bowen Films
Makeup: Jan Scott
Musicians: Chris Dunn
Officiant: Jesus  Rivera
Donuts: Carpe Donut
Furniture Rentals: AFR Event Furnishings
DJ: Mike Ramos of DJ Glyde and Washington Talent
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Sarah and Justin's Woodend Nature Sanctuary Wedding!

Not too long ago I had the honor of photographing Sarah and Justin's wedding at Woodend Nature Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, Maryland!  What I love about Sarah and Justin is that they're two of the most sincere people you'll ever meet.  There's no denying that they love each other with all that they have, and I absolutely loved seeing that translate in their photos! Sarah and Justin both elected to not see each other before their big Chuppah ceremony, and they even chose to not see each other during the traditional Jewish Ketubah signing!  I had no idea how those photos were going to turn out (their families and friends held up a barrier between them), but I actually really liked them!  At one point Justin winked at the camera which was just so dang cute.  The Chuppah ceremony outside looked amazing, especially with the pops of navy and yellow in the decor that Sarah and Justin included in the ceremony!  Both Sarah and Justin each had the most touching sentiments toward one another during their vows (and yes, even I got weepy), and you can tell in the photos how much they care for each other.  They looked just as stunning in their outdoor portraits before we came inside to par-tay!  And of course, Sarah completely stunned everyone later in the night with her worm dance that was, I'm sure, the best I've ever seen.  I mean, when a bride is willing to do that on the dance floor in her dress...she clearly is the winner of all the worm dances...ever.  :)  We wrapped up the night with a gorgeous night time shot under one of the huge trees at Woodend, and I could not have been happier!

Many thanks to Sarah and Justin and their families and friends for having myself and Mike tag along for this special event!  We had a blast!


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Deanna and Joe's Whitehall Manor Wedding - Sneak Peek!

This past (very hot) Sunday, Deanna and Joe were married at Whitehall Manor!  Fortunately, storms were forecasted to come through the area...and boy did they ever!  But the stormy weather made the entire wedding so much more enjoyable in the cooler temperatures and lovely overcast skies.  I actually really adored the rain being in some of their photos!  Here are a few sneak peeks from Deanna and Joe's wedding that I hope you enjoy!

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Alex and Joe's Bluemont Vineyard Engagement Session!

It's time for another engagement session!  Yippee!  I recently headed out to the gorgeous Bluemont Vineyard to photograph a super sweet couple, Alex and Joe!  I met Alex at a wedding this past spring, as she was assisting the lovely planner, Tabitha Roberts.  After the three of us hit it off at the wedding, Alex contacted me about photographing some engagements for she and her fiance Joe, and the rest is history! Alex and Joe chose Bluemont Vineyard for their engagement photo site, and I couldn't have been happier.  Even though driving out that way takes up a bit of time, the wine and stunning views make the journey completely worth it!  Alex and Joe also brought their adorable dog, Jazz, along for the ride (which I didn't mind at all, I love dogs!).  We all had an awesome time just relaxing, sipping on some wine, eating some delicious snacks, and eventually taking some photos (we almost forgot that's why we were there!).

Alex and Joe were so cute in front of the camera.  We really had a blast just walking around the vineyard and taking photos here and there.  Alex  incorporated some really cool elements like writing her "save the date" on her boots for some photos.  She also made a rope banner where she clothes-pinned photos of she and Joe's loved ones that had already passed on.  Alex's grandfather recently passed away, and I thought it was so cool to pay tribute him and other relatives who won't be at Alex and Joe's wedding by having them in some engagement photos.  After our shoot at the vineyard, we kept an eye out for any other locations that might be fun to photograph in, and actually stumbled upon a field with a tractor!  Joe loves tractors, so he was completely giddy.  We ran into the field really quick-like, took some photos, and ran out to avoid anyone who might get mad at us photographing there!  Ha ha ha!

Thanks so much, Alex and Joe (and Jazz!) for inviting me along to Bluemont for your engagements!  I hope you love the photos!

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Alexis and Andrew's Oxon Hill Manor Wedding!

It's pretty crazy to think that I met Alexis and Andrew almost a year and a half ago!  Alexis found me through the amazing local area blog, United with Love, and I couldn't be more thankful for that!  I've enjoyed each time I have spent with this couple, whether that was at their engagement session or just meeting to go over wedding logistics.  They're just awesome! Alexis and Andrew's wedding day began at the Embassy Suites in Old Town, a gorgeous hotel not too far from Oxon Hill Manor.  I really loved some of the getting ready photos, just because you could really feel the emotion of the day in them.  Alexis looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and you could see how excited all her bridesmaids were for her!  Once we all arrived at Oxon Hill I was able to take a few bridal portraits of Alexis which I just looooooooove.  She just has this old Hollywood glamour about her that is hard to stop photographing!  But I think my favorite getting ready photo was of Alexis and her dad in her suite.  Taken through the mirror on the wall, you can see her father's excitement seeing her for the first time in her dress.  It's just so sweet!

The rest of the wedding day was absolutely beautiful.  Alexis and Andrew's ceremony was a traditional Ukrainian ceremony, which had a lot of elements I enjoyed.  My favorite part was probably the crowning of Alexis and Andrew.  This was when Alexis and Andrew were both crowned with wreaths, which symbolizes that they will be the king and queen of their own family kingdom, ruling side by side.  Who wouldn't love that?  :)  After the ceremony we took lots of awesome photos, and it you'll notice through the photos you see that the wedding instantly turned into a fun celebration.  Everyone was just having an amazing time, even before we started the reception!  Once the reception started rolling though, more fun was to be had for sure.  One of my favorite parts of the reception was her maid of honor starting her toast to Alexis, but then launching into a dance sequence with the other bridesmaids and dancing around Alexis.  It was amaaaaaazing!  But I can't forget about one of my favorite guest appearances, Morton the mallard.  It's a tradition with Alexis and her Boston University gals to bring Morton to every wedding they attend and make sure he's photographed throughout the reception.  I think Morton had a great time (as did I!).

Many thanks to Alexis and Andrew for having me photograph their big day!  I had an absolute blast!  Also a huge thank you to Maria at HJ Planners for all of her hard work, along with Zack Pope of Roundz Catering for making some of the best food I've ever had at a wedding!  I hope you enjoy the photos!

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Jessica and Seth's Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session!

I love Jessica and Seth.  We had a fantastic time strolling around Old Town for their engagement session, and you'll definitely see why! First off, these two are snazzy dressers!  I really loved their outfits and I thought they worked perfectly for their shoot!  Secondly, these guys are just too fun.  They laugh together, make quirky faces together, and are two genuinely great people.  We took our time working around Old Town, heading to some specific spots that Jessica and Seth had picked out.  Personally, I really loved this ivy corner we found while we were out.  I feel like I could have taken all of their photos there!  But I also loved their sassy spy-like photos we took with Jessica and Seth's trench coats and sunglasses (their idea...awesome, right?).  So cute!

Thanks Jessica and Seth for having me, and I cannot wait for your wedding next year!  Enjoy!

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