Heather and Greg's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding!

I recently had the pleasure of photographing two awesome people: Heather and Greg!  When I met Heather and Greg, I was instantly attracted to their positive energy, not to mention their humor, as these two had joked with me about being nudists!  Just so you know, they are not nudists, but they are the nicest couple ever and I was so thrilled to be a part of their wedding at Bluemont Vineyard.  Their wedding day was sunny, relaxed and a ton of fun.  There were times I didn't even feel like Heather and Greg's wedding photographer because their family and friends were so nice to me, which is truly a sign that I was with a great group of people.  Thank you, Heather and Greg, for having me along to photograph your special day.  I had an amazing time with you, your family and friends, and hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! h&g_bluemont_vineyard_wedding_001































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Gina and Dan's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding!

I recently had the honor of photographing an amazing couple, Gina and Dan, at one of my favorite places in Virginia, Bluemont Vineyard.  When I first met with Gina and Dan, I was immediately captivated with them.  First off, they're a beyond gorgeous couple!  And secondly, I was taken with how Gina began describing how their Persian wedding at Bluemont Vineyard was going to look.  Ordinarily, I've photographed Persian ceremonies (also known as Sofreh Aghd's) indoors, as the ceremony itself consists of a large spread of food and decorations that the couple sits down in front of.  However, Gina explained to me that their Sofreh was going to be outdoors with the Virginia countryside  in the background, and I hoped beyond hope they would book me after I heard that.  And they did...yay! Sure enough, their wedding day was absolutely perfect.  The Sofreh Aghd looked just as breathtaking as I had pictured it in my head for months and months.  Gina's colors of blush pinks and champagnes with hints of shimmery metallics looked simply stunning in the bright, glistening sun.  Gina and Dan looked incredible in their wedding attire and I absolutely adored seeing them get married.  I think what I liked most about their wedding is that everyone who attended was just one big family.  You could tell that Gina's family and Dan's family were already very close and they all had such a good time together, even when we were taking photos!  It was just so cool to see such a large group of people without any drama, just totally there for this couple and their new life together.  I don't know that I have a favorite photo from Gina and Dan's big day, as they're all pretty fabulous, but I will say that I love the photo of Dan and his honorary groomsmen posing as they came down the hill from the tasting room at the vineyard.  Those guys really knew how to work the camera!  I also really loved the last photo of the night that I took.  It was a concept that Dan and I had thought about at our very first meeting, which was trying to do a nighttime photo with the moon and stars behind them.  I was so pleased that we were actually able to create it for them!

Gina and Dan, thank you so much for having me photograph your special day!  I had such a fun time with you, your family and friends.  And many thanks to my incredible second shooter, Cicely!  I hope you all enjoy the photos!












































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Anne and Sam's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding!

Today's awesome blog post is about two amazing people: Anne and Sam!  Anne and Sam are probably one of the most attractive couples I've ever met.  I would hate them if I didn't know them (due to their extreme attractiveness, of course), but I can't!  When I sat down with them for the first time I felt like we were old friends.  They're two incredible people, inside and out, and I was honored to photograph their wedding at Bluemont Vineyard! I started the day out with Anne, her bridesmaids and family in Ashburn where all of the gals were getting ready.  Anne had already strategically positioned her dress, the bridesmaids dresses, and a slew of other details for me to photograph that made my job so much easier!  I was completely in awe of Anne's dress on the hanger, but nothing compared to when Anne finally had her dress on.  I think everyone in the room was completely taken aback by how stunning Anne looked! After everyone was ready, we hightailed it to Bluemont so we could get some photos done before the ceremony!  Sam and the groomsmen met us at Bluemont, and once the girls were done we were able to get some pretty stellar guy photos.  My favorites are of Sam playing football with his groomsmen.  I requested they make up some sort of play (this is where you are probably realizing know nothing about football), and they agreed to it and did a pretty phenomenal job!

After our football shenanigans, we all went inside to prep for the ceremony.  The ceremony was outside overlooking the Loudoun Valley, and it couldn't have been a lovelier day.  Anne and Sam absolutely beamed during their vows, and I have to admit I got choked up when Anne began to cry!  But she gracefully recovered and looked completely amazing by the time the couple recessed down the aisle.  After some family photos, I drove Anne and Sam up the hill closer to the tasting room to some vines where the view of Virginia is even better than at the stable.  I'm really glad we did this, as the view was completely different from anything else we had seen earlier in the day.  That and the grapes on the vines were perfection!  Once finished with the couples photos, we headed back down to the stable for some serious partying!  My favorite part of the reception was when Sam was taking off Anne's garter.  Somehow, someway, he sneaked a football under the dress and took the garter off her leg and onto the football.  Then, of course, he threw the football out to all of his single guy friends, and his adorable nephew caught it and there was much rejoicing.  Love it!

I could go on and on about Anne and Sam's wedding (I know, I kind of already have), but you should really just look at all of their beautiful photos.  I want to thank Anne and Sam and their family and friends for allowing me to be there for their special day!  I had an incredible time and I hope you enjoy the photos.  :)

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Photographer: Lisa Boggs Photography Venue: Bluemont Vineyard Caterer: Savoir Fare Limited Planner: Elegant Momentz by Kathleen Wheaton Videographer: DsD Video Productions by Doug Donnellan DJ: Dinardo Brothers Entertainment by TJ Varano Florist: Affordable Arrangements Dress: Love Couture Bridal Boutique Hair: Kristina Wolfe and Lindsey McLaughlin at Salon Maude Makeup: Ann Ho of Styles by Ann Jewelry: Dominion Jewelers

Anne and Sam's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding - Sneak Peeks!

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing two very special people's wedding: Anne and Sam!  Anne and Sam were married at the stunning Bluemont Vineyard on Friday and it couldn't have gone better!  Here are a few sneak peeks that I'm sure you'll enjoy.  :)

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Alex and Joe's Bluemont Vineyard Engagement Session!

It's time for another engagement session!  Yippee!  I recently headed out to the gorgeous Bluemont Vineyard to photograph a super sweet couple, Alex and Joe!  I met Alex at a wedding this past spring, as she was assisting the lovely planner, Tabitha Roberts.  After the three of us hit it off at the wedding, Alex contacted me about photographing some engagements for she and her fiance Joe, and the rest is history! Alex and Joe chose Bluemont Vineyard for their engagement photo site, and I couldn't have been happier.  Even though driving out that way takes up a bit of time, the wine and stunning views make the journey completely worth it!  Alex and Joe also brought their adorable dog, Jazz, along for the ride (which I didn't mind at all, I love dogs!).  We all had an awesome time just relaxing, sipping on some wine, eating some delicious snacks, and eventually taking some photos (we almost forgot that's why we were there!).

Alex and Joe were so cute in front of the camera.  We really had a blast just walking around the vineyard and taking photos here and there.  Alex  incorporated some really cool elements like writing her "save the date" on her boots for some photos.  She also made a rope banner where she clothes-pinned photos of she and Joe's loved ones that had already passed on.  Alex's grandfather recently passed away, and I thought it was so cool to pay tribute him and other relatives who won't be at Alex and Joe's wedding by having them in some engagement photos.  After our shoot at the vineyard, we kept an eye out for any other locations that might be fun to photograph in, and actually stumbled upon a field with a tractor!  Joe loves tractors, so he was completely giddy.  We ran into the field really quick-like, took some photos, and ran out to avoid anyone who might get mad at us photographing there!  Ha ha ha!

Thanks so much, Alex and Joe (and Jazz!) for inviting me along to Bluemont for your engagements!  I hope you love the photos!

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Suzannah and Keith's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding!

A few weeks back I had the honor of photographing Suzannah and Keith's Wedding at The Stable at Bluemont Vineyard in Bluemont, Virginia!  Their wedding day was absolutely perfect, with a nice blue sky, puffy clouds, and a lovely warmth that makes you inhale the goodness of spring.  I adored working with this couple because they were just so laid back and were completely on board to do any kind of photographs I wanted!  Little did I know that when we walked outside to do some photos before the ceremony that they both were prepared to become instant models!  They completely shocked me (in the best way possible) with their calm composure and stunning looks. Their ceremony was filled with so much joy and laughter.  True story: The ceremony began with "Mawwwaaaaage!" just like the Princess Bride wedding ceremony.  Could Suzannah and Keith be any cuter?  I think not!  But then of course Suzannah did do something cuter and jumped for joy right when they were pronounced man and wife.  This is the gal that when I email always tells me she's twirling, so I'm sure you can imagine how joyful she really is!

The reception was simply stunning inside The Stable at Bluemont Vineyard.  It was very simple and rustic, and I loved how Suzannah and Keith donated money to the ASPCA in lieu of wedding favors.  So awesome!  You'll notice too, that they have a love for animals as their cake toppers not only featured themselves, but their adorable four cats!  Yay!  After dinner everyone danced the night away, participated in an old school photo booth, and generally just had a good time.  That night after things winded down a bit, I was able to drag Suzannah and Keith outside to a stable down the hill for some really cool night photos that we had all talked about.  Keith was a champ and let me borrow his huge man coat, and although I know I looked like a big puffball while setting up the shot and taking the photos, it was well worth it!

I really hope you enjoy all of the photos below!  And to Suzannah and Keith, and their family and friends, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day.  I had an absolute blast, and I hope I get to see Suzannah and Keith in the fall!  More red hair, please!  ;)

Suzannah and Keith's Bluemont Vineyard Wedding - Sneak Peeks!

This past weekend I had the honor of photographing Suzannah and Keith's wedding at Bluemont Vineyard, and I'm so pleased with their photos!  Suzannah and Keith are complete naturals in front of the camera and both embraced some fun ideas I had, one of which was lighting up a a completely dark stable at night!  Chilly as it was for that shot, I think it was totally worth it!  I hope you enjoy their three sneak peeks below!  :)

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Brandy and Michael’s Wine-Tasting Engagement Session – Sunset Hills Vineyard – Part Two!

As promised, here's the follow-up post to Brandy and Michael's literary engagement session! Brandy and Michael decided to make their wine-tasting a little more formal, so Brandy wore a super cute purple dress (perfect to match the wine, obviously!) and Michael wore a business casual outfit. We marched into the Sunset Hills Winery (a fully restored 130-yr-old Amish barn) and made our way around the bar so Brandy and Michael could get some sips of delicious wine. The inside of this winery is just gorgeous! It is covered in buttery wood from wall to ceiling, and consists of two stories with two separate outdoor decks you can go out on to relax and take in the gorgeous view of the Blueridge and Short Hill mountain ranges. Brandy, Michael and I took advantage of all of those photographic opportunities, and I think really came out with some great shots! We were able to grab part of the sunset in the last few shots, and then I took one final photo from the entrance of the vineyard facing the mountains as I was leaving. It really was quite a spectacular sunset, so they're really not kidding about it being an ideal place to sip some wine and enjoy the view! Many thanks to Brandy and Michael for being such great sports during our time inside the winery! It's not easy with people watching you get your photograph taken, and I really think they did an incredible job! Also, many thanks to Jaclyn Slusher, the Events and Accounting Manger at Sunset Hills for allowing us to photograph wherever we liked. Enjoy the photos!

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Brandy and Michael’s Literary Engagement Session – Sunset Hills Vineyard – Part One!

I met Brandy and Michael earlier this year, and knew straight away that they were going to be a great couple to work with! In speaking with them both about their ideas for their engagement session, it was clear that they loved 1) reading great books and 2) sipping delicious wine. So, we decided to combine both of their loves for a gorgeous engagement session at Sunset Hills Vinyeard in Purcellville, Virginia! I had been to the vineyard before, and knew I wanted to work with the weeping willow tree that sits back below a hill. It was the perfect private area for Brandy and Michael to relax and pose with their awesome books that they bought specifically for the shoot! I loved how Brandy coordinated everything and the colors just completely popped up against the green of the grass and willow tree! Brandy and Michael did such a great job of posing and hanging out that I really didn't have to give too much direction...they were naturals! We also got some shots along side the old stone house on the property, and a shiny Chevy truck that now sits by the front of the winery (of which the colors looked incredible too!).

I hope you love the photos below as much as I do, and stay tuned for part two of Brandy and Michael's engagement session, where we get a little more formal and go in the winery for some wine tasting! Enjoy!

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Megan and Mike's Sunset Hills Vineyard Wedding - Part Two!

As promised, here's Part II of Megan and Mike's awesome vineyard wedding! Part I can be found here, but this post is strictly dedicated to the reception details and events! Sunset Hills Vineyard was just as beautiful inside as it was outside for the ceremony, and you can tell by the photos below! The wine was flowing and everyone had a great time! I hope you enjoy the photos below!

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Megan and Mike's Sunset Hills Vineyard Wedding - Part One!

I recently got to photograph Megan and Mike's wedding at the Sunset Hills Vineyard in Purcellville, VA! I was excited to shoot at a vineyard as the photographic opportunities are endless! It just screams rustic, which I absolutely love, and Megan and Mike's wedding fit perfectly into the mix! We were concerned about rain that was in the forecast that day, and even though it rumbled of thunder at one point during the ceremony, the storm broke up over the Shenandoah Mountains and just provided some nice cloud-cover instead! One thing I loved about shooting this wedding is Megan had some of the most animated faces. She just cannot contain her excitement about anything, which you will see below! Many, many thanks to Megan and Mike, and their family and friends who made this day such a fun one for me. Enjoy the photos below! And stay tuned for Part II of the wedding, highlighting the reception details and festivities!