bluemont wedding

Deanna and Joe's Whitehall Manor Wedding!

It wasn't so long ago that I spent a stormy afternoon photographing the wedding of one of my couples, Deanna and Joe!  They were married at Whitehall Manor in Bluemont, Virginia, and although we were supposed to have steamy 100 degree weather, luckily some storms came through that cooled everything off and brought some much needed rain.  Personally, I was really excited about the rain (I'm one of those people that loves storms), so for me it was a dream come true to have some overcast clouds and cooler weather to in. Deanna and Joe were both completely calm about the rain that came in before their ceremony.  You'll see in a photograph that Deanna was talking through a door, and that's because she was confirming with Joe that they were a "go" for their outdoor ceremony, as it looked like we would get a break in the rain.  Once Deanna was in her dress, I couldn't resist getting some photos of her naturally looking out the window to see if the rain was subsiding.  The light was so perfect!  When the ceremony finally commenced, everything went perfectly.  Sure, there it sprinkled a bit and there was thunder in the distance, but Deanna and Joe were beaming with excitement during the whole ceremony, and it really showed in the photos!  After the ceremony we had to dodge some rain, but did manage to get some outdoor photos done before the reception!

The reception was indoors and I think everyone completely relaxed once we were all inside!  Without the threat of rain, everyone managed to let loose, laugh and just party!  One of my favorite images from the night is from Deanna and Joe's sparkler send-off, which was a little crazy!  Because it had been stormy all day, at certain times there was a decent amount of wind.  Welp, when it was time for Deanna and Joe to leave there was a lot of wind, and let's just say that sparklers and wind create a lot of smoke and a lot of flying sparks everywhere (and boy did those sparks hurt!).  However, it certainly made for an interesting photo!  :)

Many thanks to Deanna and Joe for allowing me to photograph their special day!  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks for looking!