bobbie and munny

Bobbie and Munny's Fairfax, Virginia Wedding!

I recently had the privilege of photographing two very special people, Bobbie and Munny. I knew Bobbie way back when I used to work at Truro Church in Fairfax, Virginia. There she is the Director of Outreach, and she is one of the most caring individuals you will ever meet! A few months ago Bobbie contacted me to say that she was engaged to a wonderful man named Munny. Munny is involved with outreach as well, and even opened his home up to homeless people six years ago as a small house church. That community has grown so much that they now meet in Truro Church as "Love the World Fellowship," and Munny is the pastor. It’s no surprise that Bobbie and Munny – two of the most selfless and giving people I have ever met – would find and love with one another, and continue to spread that love to others!

Below are some photos from their wedding that I'm sure you'll enjoy! My personal favorites are the photos when Munny makes Bobbie laugh...and particularly the one where Munny fumbled (but gracefully recovered) his vows during the ceremony (photo 13). I also can't forget to mention how amazing the flower girls were (they were very dedicated to their job, and clearly mapped out a plan in photo 7), and also how hilarious the grandkids were (photos 16 and 17).

Bobbie and Munny, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! I enjoyed every minute of it and wish you nothing but the best in your marriage! Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!