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Mariah and Evan's Northern Virginia Wedding!

It's time to show off Mariah and Evan's wedding here in northern Virginia, and I'm super excited for you to see!  You may remember Mariah and Evan from their crazy cute fall engagement session, and I'm happy to report that Mariah and Evan were just as fun and silly on their wedding day as they were in their engagement photos!  Yay! Mariah and Evan were married at Evan's childhood church, Parkwood Baptist, followed by a reception at the Burke Volunteer Fire Department, both in Burke, Virginia.  Straight from the get-go, I loved the energy of their wedding day.  Both Mariah and Evan were beaming, and you just knew without asking how excited they were to be married.  Some of my favorite shots of the day were of Mariah and Evan just being naturally silly.  During their first kiss, Evan held up his hand to say "Just a moment please, I am not done kissing my new wife!"  Evan also gave me a cat-like sassy pose in their portrait, followed by the two of them just being so dang giddy to be married they couldn't stand it.  We made a pit stop in between the church and reception at Lake Braddock for a few photos that I absolutely adored too.  Seriously, this couple couldn't be any cuter!

But my favorite part of the evening was definitely scheming with Mariah to get a fire truck portrait!  Having your reception at a fire department definitely means you can't leave without some fire truck photo, right?  I even convinced Mariah to use a one-liner on the fire men: "Our love is on fi-yah!  And the only way we can put it out is if we have a photo with the fire truck!"  Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all night!  But of course, Mariah is far cuter than I am, so she managed to charm them and of course we got our amazeballs fire truck portrait!  Seriously, many thanks to the Burke Volunteer Fire Department for humoring us and letting us photograph with their shiny yellow fire truck!  :)

Many thanks to Mariah and Evan for having me photograph their wedding day!  I had an incredible time and I hope you enjoy your photos!  :D

Thanks for looking!