carmen and jonathan

Carmen and Jonathan's Arlington, Virginia Hendry House Wedding!

It wasn't so long ago that I met up with Carmen and Jonathan to discuss their wedding at Northside Social in Arlington.  It just so happened to be the location of their first date, which made meeting them that much sweeter!  And now they're a beautifully married couple that I get to post about!  Yay! Carmen and Jonathan held their wedding at the Hendry House in Arlington, a venue I just love.  And with Carmen and Jonathan's laid-back style, this was a really fun wedding to photograph!  I've never had a bride and groom get ready in the same room, but I honestly really loved it.  One of my favorite shots of the day was of Carmen putting her necklace on and Jonathan putting his tie on.  They were in dual mirrors right next to each other and it was completely candid!  Yay!  After getting ready, Carmen and Jonathan signed their Ketubah in a small room of the Hendry House (among a small group), and shortly thereafter completed the rest of the ceremony under the Chuppah outside!  After that, the couple relaxed and had an amazing time at their reception, full of plenty of laughter and love.

Thanks so much for letting me photograph your wedding, Carmen and Jonathan!  Enjoy!  :)

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