cherry blossom photos

Jason, Katie and Blake's Family Cherry Blossom Session!

Yay!  It's time for Cherry Blossoms!  Okay, so I know that most of the blossoms are gone now, but not for me!  I've been looking at these photos of Jason, Katie and Blake for a while now, and I can't wait to show them! Katie is a fellow photographer I met recently at a networking event, and I was ecstatic when she asked if I would do family portraits for them!  She is a portrait photographer herself, so I felt like I had a lot to live up to!  When coming up with ideas for where to go, I really thought heading down to the Cherry Blossom's would be a lot of fun.  I always see photographers down their with engaged couples, but for some reason the idea of photographing a family there seemed really cool to me.  Especially with Blake, who is about a year-and-a-half old.  This would be his first Cherry Blossom experience, ever!  How cute is that?!

So, we all met down there on a Sunday morning to take the photos.  It was a really cold day, and we had to battle the Cherry Blossom 5K going on as we were all trying to meet up!  Amongst the craziness, we made everything work, and I really enjoyed the shots we got.  Jason and Katie were absolutely amazing with Blake, and new exactly all the games to play to make him laugh and have a great time.  Blake of course was adorable, whether smiling or not!  And we did sneak in a few shots of just Jason and Katie while Blake rocked it out to some music on Jason's phone.  So cute!  I have a special video I took of him rocking out at the end.  Hope everyone enjoys the photos!


Thanks for looking!