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Helena and Dan's WWI Memorial Wedding!

It's pretty rare that I cry at weddings.  I'm usually so in the photography zone that even the sappiest of ceremonies don't really affect me...until now.  Helena and Dan's wedding had me crying, and here's why... Helena and Dan were married at the WWI Memorial a few weeks ago, and I have to say, they had one of the most beautiful, intimate ceremonies I've been to in a while.  Married among a small group family and friends, Helen and Dan shared the most moving sentiments toward one another in their vow exchange...particularly because they were creating a new family for themselves.  Dan has two children from a previous marriage, Marco and Gigi, and I knew before their wedding just how much Marco and Gigi meant to Helena.  Helena said the sweetest things about Dan and her new step-children during her vows.  She said she never would have imagined this life for herself, but said meeting Dan, Marco and Gigi was the best thing that's ever happened to her.  Aaaaaaaand that's when the tears started flowing from Helena, me, and plenty of others who were there!  But they were such happy tears, because knowing Helena and Dan found each other was just so wonderful.  They're truly an incredible couple, and their children, Marco and Gigi, are some of the sweetest, well-behaved kids I've ever met.

We weren't at the WWI Memorial for too long after the ceremony, so it allowed us to travel to lots of places in DC for photos!  Our first stop was Constitution Gardens, where we had to brave some baby geese (who hissed at us!) to get to the spot we wanted.  Afterward we headed to Meridian Hill Park for some beautiful shots (and yes, where I waded in some water), followed by some photographs near the National Gallery of Art.  We had such a fun time getting to travel around for a couple of hours and managed to get tons of different photos from the experience (this is where I plug to all brides to make room for portraits!  It pays off!  :D).  Marco and Gigi were along for the ride along with Helena's mom, and boy were they all great sports posing with us in all of these different spots!

Many thanks to Helena, Dan, Marco, Gigi, and the rest of their family and friends for allowing me to be a part of their special day!  You were all an absolute joy to work with!  I hope you love these photos!

P.S.  Notice some pretty stellar cuff links that Marco was sporting?  They were his lightsaber cuff links!  And it couldn't have been more appropriate, as Helena and Dan's wedding day was May 4th (May the Fourth be with you!).  ;)

Thanks for looking!