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Jacqueline and Ryan's Danville, Virginia Wedding

I recently traveled down to Danville, VA (super close to North Carolina) to shoot Jacqueline and Ryan's special day! I've known Jacqueline for a few years, as I'm very good friends with her older (and super talented photographer) brother, Jean-Paul! Jacqueline and Ryan's wedding was full of such love, among some wonderful family and friends (who I was fortunate enough to meet and spend time with). I even got to spend some time with Hayden, Ryan's son (and Jacqueline's now step-son), who is such an amazing kid, and really took some great shots! As you'll see from the photos below, everyone involved with the day was 100% dedicated to making it special for Jacqueline and Ryan! They all humored me with some hilarious shots, some of which are my favorite to date! I really had an endless supply of great scenes to work with too (from the storm before the ceremony, to the tractor waiting to tote our bride and groom to the reception, to ending the evening with a gorgeous sunset!). I hope you get as much joy out of looking at these shots as I do! Many thanks to Jacqueline, Ryan, their family and guests for being so loving and accommodating throughout the day. Enjoy!

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