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Penny Boggs - The Brains Behind Lisa Boggs Photography

You may not realize this, but the brains behind my photography have nothing to do with me or Mike. They do, in fact, have everything to do with our dog, Penny Lane Boggs. Penny knows when I've been working too much. She'll sit down by me and howl at me until I take a break and play frisbee with her. Sure, she really wants to play frisbee, but I know in the back of her mind she's thinking, 'Lisa is working far too hard and needs a break. She's worked on this one task too long, and she needs to come back to it in a few.' And she's RIGHT! She's such a smart dog. Well, this post is dedicated to our beloved dog, Penny. We got her two years ago on Friday from the Middleburg Humane Foundation. She's a german shepherd/border collie mix, and is the prettiest dog in all the land!

We've been through so much in the past two years: Three dog training classes (one puppy, two intermediate), Penny getting out of the yard and us chasing her (I guesstimate about 10-15 times, mostly all related to her not listening to me), Penny getting hit by a car after trying to see another dog across the street (which she miraculously survived), Penny eating a non-toxic putty that didn't hurt her, and most recently, Penny getting Lyme disease and surviving that whole ordeal. We joke in the Boggs household that Penny really has used up 9 cat lives (maybe that's double, since she's such a big dog). At any rate, we're still so happy to have her in our lives. It's hard to imagine what life would be like without her, and she really does make every day a joy. Penny dog, we love you!

Below are three photos of Penny as a puppy, and then two recent photos from us playing outside. I hope you enjoy!

This is the photo we saw of Penny online before we got to adopt her! Her name was Lucy at the time (she's on the left), and she's pictured with her brother who was adopted before we could meet him too:

This is Penny on her first day with us! She was fetching Mr. Platypus for us:

This was Penny posing for me with Mr. Puppy (her stuffed animal friend):

And this is Penny now! Outside watching Mike as he's taunting her with a frisbee:

And this is Penny running back to Mike waiting for the frisbee (click to view larger):

Thanks for looking!