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Alexis and Andrew's Oxon Hill Manor Wedding!

It's pretty crazy to think that I met Alexis and Andrew almost a year and a half ago!  Alexis found me through the amazing local area blog, United with Love, and I couldn't be more thankful for that!  I've enjoyed each time I have spent with this couple, whether that was at their engagement session or just meeting to go over wedding logistics.  They're just awesome! Alexis and Andrew's wedding day began at the Embassy Suites in Old Town, a gorgeous hotel not too far from Oxon Hill Manor.  I really loved some of the getting ready photos, just because you could really feel the emotion of the day in them.  Alexis looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and you could see how excited all her bridesmaids were for her!  Once we all arrived at Oxon Hill I was able to take a few bridal portraits of Alexis which I just looooooooove.  She just has this old Hollywood glamour about her that is hard to stop photographing!  But I think my favorite getting ready photo was of Alexis and her dad in her suite.  Taken through the mirror on the wall, you can see her father's excitement seeing her for the first time in her dress.  It's just so sweet!

The rest of the wedding day was absolutely beautiful.  Alexis and Andrew's ceremony was a traditional Ukrainian ceremony, which had a lot of elements I enjoyed.  My favorite part was probably the crowning of Alexis and Andrew.  This was when Alexis and Andrew were both crowned with wreaths, which symbolizes that they will be the king and queen of their own family kingdom, ruling side by side.  Who wouldn't love that?  :)  After the ceremony we took lots of awesome photos, and it you'll notice through the photos you see that the wedding instantly turned into a fun celebration.  Everyone was just having an amazing time, even before we started the reception!  Once the reception started rolling though, more fun was to be had for sure.  One of my favorite parts of the reception was her maid of honor starting her toast to Alexis, but then launching into a dance sequence with the other bridesmaids and dancing around Alexis.  It was amaaaaaazing!  But I can't forget about one of my favorite guest appearances, Morton the mallard.  It's a tradition with Alexis and her Boston University gals to bring Morton to every wedding they attend and make sure he's photographed throughout the reception.  I think Morton had a great time (as did I!).

Many thanks to Alexis and Andrew for having me photograph their big day!  I had an absolute blast!  Also a huge thank you to Maria at HJ Planners for all of her hard work, along with Zack Pope of Roundz Catering for making some of the best food I've ever had at a wedding!  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks for looking!