first look

A First Look at Kim and Dan's First Look - Thomas Birkby House, Leesburg, Virginia!

I really love first looks. Mike and I did a first look six years ago, back before it really gained popularity, and I think it's awesome! If it's new to you, the general gist is that the bride and groom decide to throw tradition out the window and see each other before the ceremony. It's a great way for the bride and groom to have a special moment before the nerves really kick in and before guests start arriving! That and you can really get some amazing photos out of the whole experience! Well, my latest couple, Kim and Dan, decided to take advantage of that idea, and I'm featuring some photos below! Now you can finally see some of the awesome scenery that the Thomas Birkby House has to offer (previous post of the photo booth blocked everything!). My favorite part out of all of this is Dan's reaction to how Kim looks. I love how in the fourth photo down (third photo in the final sequence) that he's actually making an "Ooooooh, you look gooood!" remark! So hilarious and fun. I just love moments like these.

Stay tuned for more of Kim and Dan next week!

The OFFICIAL first look:

And here's the whole sequence that I just love! (Click to view larger!)

Thanks for looking!