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Alexis and Steve's Hickory, North Carolina Wedding

I recently got to travel to Hickory, NC for Alexis and Steve's wedding...a wedding that was exciting to me on so many levels! Alexis (the bride) was referred to me by her twin sister, Rebecca. Rebecca is the wife of my closest childhood friend, Jordan...and I had only corresponded with Rebecca via Facebook up until the wedding! Rebecca was a huge fan of my work and immediately steered Alexis my way, so I was very excited to sign Alexis and get to be a part of the big day! Along with Mike and another photographer friend of ours, JP Lavoie (who helped as one of our shooters!), we set out for Hickory on a hot, but beautiful, sunny day out in the country. The colors of this wedding were super bold and punchy, which worked perfectly with the very blue sky and lush greenery all around the church! Things cooled off for us after the ceremony as some storms were off in the distance and began clouding up the sky, but we at least captured some special shots while the sun wasn't beating down on us! The reception was held at the Crowne Plaza in Hickory, and I have to say, the DJ they hired had one of the most elaborate setups I'd ever seen (with not one, but two disco balls)! And, of course, being a native southerner, one of the major highlights of the evening was drinking homemade sweet tea served by the hotel! Hurray! :) Many thanks to Alexis and Steve for being such a great couple to work with and for humoring me in some of our hilarious shots! I had such a fun time, and I hope everyone enjoys the photos below (Mike helped out with two below...whoo hoo!). Additionally, if you haven't clicked to see some of JP's photos yet, go ahead and look here!

Thanks for looking!