hilton king street alexandria wedding

Maria and Wayne's Old Town Alexandria Wedding!

Today I get to blog about a really amazing couple, Maria and Wayne!  Just a short time ago, Maria and Wayne were married at the Hilton Old Town Alexandria, and as I'm sure you'll tell from the photos, they were beyond excited about becoming husband and wife! On the day of their wedding we were hoping to have the ceremony outdoors, but there was just too much of a rain threat, so we brought it all inside!  Maria was as cool as a cucumber up in her suite, and I about died when I saw and photographed her wedding dress.  Honestly, I'd never seen a dress quite like it (I guess if I had to compare it to something, it made me reminisce about Jennifer Connolly's white satin dress in the Rocketeer...even though the material and fit was a little different).  Maria just looked stunning in her dress, so I made sure we got some gorgeous photographs of her before we headed downstairs for her and Wayne's ceremony!

The ceremony was full of tons of laughter, which made the whole experience so much fun.  Afterward,  we went outside while the weather was cooperating for and took some photos with family and, of course, the happy couple.  Maria and Wayne were really like pros when it came to modeling, and so far Maria's pose with her veil as a filter (her looking off in the distance) is one of my favorite shots this year!

The reception was probably one of the best parts of Maria and Wayne's wedding day though, as everyone really just breathed easy and let loose!  Maria and Wayne had a mariachi band at their cocktail hour which her father accompanied for a few songs.  They also had a frozen margarita machine (!!!!) and then wondered why in the world no one utilized that at other weddings I've photographed!  The reception room was absolutely stunning, filled with lots of details that echoed how much Maria and Wayne love to travel (note the couple sitting on suitcases on their cake!). It was such a joy to see everyone party on the dance floor and have a great time.  Everyone in that room loved and cared for Maria and Wayne so much, and nothing could make this photographer happier!

Congrats, Maria and Wayne!  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day!  Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!