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Elizabeth and Scott’s Historic Manassas, Virginia Wedding

I recently headed to Historic Manassas, Virginia to photograph two very special people, Elizabeth and Scott! Elizabeth and Scott held their wedding at their home, which was the perfect setting for their ceremony and reception. Although the fall colors really haven't come through here yet, Elizabeth and Scott carried those colors through the details and their wedding really did have that autumn feel. It was a gorgeous 70 degree day for their outdoor event, and the sky couldn't have looked lovelier! Of course, Elizabeth and Scott looked amazing, and Elizabeth was all smiles as usual! They said their own vows to each other among friends that circled the patio of the ceremony, and it was incredibly touching. Following the ceremony was a stunning reception on their lawn, complete with stringing lights that really brought a unique feel to the family-like affair. You can tell Elizabeth, Scott and family and friends were completely overjoyed about the event, and it really came through in the photos! Many thanks to the lovely Brandy Crist-Travers for helping me out, and to everyone who made Elizabeth and Scott's wedding a delight, thank you as well! Enjoy!

P.S. Make sure you look at the armadillo cake and read the story below!

So, from what I understand, Scott (the groom) was in and/or directed a production of Steel Magnolias. In the movie Steel Magnolias, Shelby and Jackson (Julia Roberts and Dylan McDermott) have an armadillo cake at their wedding reception, so it only seemed fitting that Scott have one as well! The best part about this photo below is that I discovered it with its ear ripped off! Apparently the flower girl thought it was a toy, and she meant to pick the whole thing up, but then realized it was a cake. She just laid the ear back down near it's head. How adorable is that?! And it's such a dramatic shock with that red velvet cake and red icing! Ha ha ha! So good!

The sky looked amazing as dinner was commencing:

This is that adorable flower girl congratulating Elizabeth and Scott:

Oh, did I forget to mention the vintage rolls royce?

Thanks for looking!