kilmarnock virginia

Kayleen and Chris' Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Wedding!

This past fall Mike and I got the opportunity to travel down to Kilmarnock, Virginia for the wedding of Kayleen and Chris!  Kayleen is a friend of a friend, and I was super pumped to work with she and Chris for their gorgeous Chesapeake Bay wedding!  Chris' family owns a very historic house right there on the bay, which was the site of Kayleen and Chris' ceremony.  I'm sure you'll notice that the location was absolutely stunning and that the day itself was perfect for their outdoor wedding! What I love about Kayleen and Chris is that they're such a chill (but fun!) couple.  They decided to do a first look underneath the biggest magnolia tree I've ever seen, and I love the way those shots turned out.  Then we took some photos of them with their attendants right there on the steps of the house (which were the silly faces!).  Their ceremony was slightly delayed due to some shuttle issues, but it did not change Kayleen and Chris' demeanor at all before the ceremony.  You'll notice the shot of the two of them looking out the window and how relaxed they are...that was them keeping an eye out for the shuttle!  I know for some people this would have driven them crazy, but not Kayleen and Chris!  They were cool as cucumbers.  :)  The ceremony went off without a hitch and the photos we took immediately after were some of my very favorites of the day!

I hope you enjoy the photos below!  Many thanks to Kayleen, Chris, and their family and friends for letting Mike and I be part of their special day.  Enjoy!

 Thanks for looking!