manassas battlefield photos

Allison and Ryan’s Engagement Session at Manassas Battlefield!

I recently photographed Allison and Ryan at one of my favorite places, the Manassas Battlefield!  I used to stomp around in this battlefield back when Mike and I lived close by in really is one of the most beautiful, calming places to visit...even if you're not taking photos! On the day of the engagement session, Allison and I were communicating back and forth because the weather was calling for rain, but more toward the evening and nighttime.  So, we decided to give it a go in the afternoon and hoped the rain would hold off for us!   Allison and Ryan were a delight to photograph with, and they really embraced my ideas for places to go and poses to try out.  I'm always surprised when couples admit they might not be the best at posing, but then they really find their inner model during the shoot.  Allison and Ryan rocked it!

If I had to choose a favorite of shot of the day, it might be the one where they're sitting in the grass with the sun going down in the background (be it a cloudy sunset!).  But, you decide!

Thanks so much to Allison and Ryan for braving the weather and photographing with me!  You guys did a great job, and I'm so glad we got the photos in before the rain.  :)  Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!