Mariah's Blizzard Bridal Portraits - Trash the Dress!

On December 13, 2009, I mentioned to my friend Mariah how we should take her "trash-the dress" portraits outside once it snowed again in the area.  We'd been talking about it for a while, and to me, it fit her personality and her dress so well.  We concluded it would be a fabulous idea, and obviously knew we would have to play it by ear the next time it looked like snow.  Little did I know that we would end up with the Blizzard of '09 exactly one week later, and that Mariah would still want to attempt portraits in the 20 inches of snow!  What can I say, she's a pretty awesome gal, and she was totally committed to the photo session, even though 1) this wasn't your average snowfall, 2) it was a little hazardous to drive and 3) it was ridiculously cold.  She, along with her entourage of Gabe (her husband) and Chris (her good friend), headed out with Mike and I on the hunt for the perfect location.  In Mariah and Gabe's trusty all-wheel-drive Subaru, we made it down to Difficult Run, a park in Great Falls just off of Georgetown Pike.  Luckily, this kind of park is not gated, so we just parked it up and marched around for a bit!  Mariah did an amazing job considering the obstacles involved, and I was floored at how she never once looked cold in her portraits.  She just looked happy, glowing and excited to be outside!  The manly assistance did a great job as well...clearing the path for Mariah and I, holding my gear, putting Mariah's coat on her between shots.  It was such a fun time, and I hope you can tell in the photos below!  Many thanks to everyone involved for a job well done! Enjoy!




Gabe warming up Mariah between shots:




Snowball toss!  Click to view larger:















The entourage on the way out:




And yeah, I was there.  Here's the proof:




Thanks for looking!