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Casey and Brad's Tower Club at Tysons Corner Wedding!

It feels so long ago that I met with Casey and Brad to see if I would be the right photographer for their wedding.  I knew instantly that I would love photographing their wedding, as they were so comfortable to talk to and connect with.  We talked for probably almost two hours that day, and I'm so happy they decided to choose me for their wedding!  It was absolutely gorgeous! Casey is an incredibly organized gal, and planned her wedding details out perfectly.  She had a blueish-teal and purple color scheme, and did such a great job incorporating those with her door key theme (Brad holds the key to Casey's heart!  Duh!).  Keys were used to lead people to their tables, and they looked beautiful on an old wooden door that Casey had set up.  I particularly loved the antique bottles she collected to use as vases for her table centerpieces as the colors were spot on and they really added a uniqueness to the reception feel!  Also, check out the custom M&M's that Casey had made.  Matching the colors, these M&M's were also personalized with the congratulatory Greek word "Oopah!," their wedding date, a thank you note and even Brad and Casey's photo!  I'm not gonna lie, these M&M's tasted way better because of that!  ;)

The Tower Club was a gorgeous location for their ceremony and reception, as it really added to that light and fresh feel Casey was going for!  It has a huge window and glass ceiling that look out onto Tysons Corner...it makes you feel like you're in the clouds!  Brad and Casey were totally smitten exchanging their vows, and Casey's excitement immediately following the ceremony was off the charts!  I loved their energy so much and they did a fantastic job with me taking them around for some shots inside and out.  You'll see below that they did such a great job as models, and it certainly was not hard for them to express their love for each other!  Yay!

Thanks to Casey, Brad and their friends and family for having me photograph their special day.  Also, a huge thank you to Kristin Westrick at The Tower Club, Stephanie Hughes at Diamond Events, Michael Cano at CYM Video Productions, and Aaron Hahn at Matrimonial Sound for making the evening even more fun!  :)  Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!