new york avenue presbyterian church

Elizabeth and Auden's Washington, DC Wedding!

Elizabeth and Auden are definitely my most-traveled couple of the year.  When I first heard from Elizabeth, I received an email from her indicating she would love to hear more about me and Skype some night about her DC wedding.  Why Skype, you might wonder?  Oh, you know, because she was living in Malaysia! She and Auden used to live in the DC area, relocated to Malaysia for a couple of years, and were actually moving back to DC briefly (for their wedding!) and then heading off to Leeds, UK after that!  Yowzas!  However, even with all of that going on, Elizabeth was calm and collected and explained how everything was going to work for their big day.  She informed me they were getting married at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in DC with a reception to follow at The Women's National Democratic Club.  Then she dropped the word "brunch" in the description of her reception, and my mouth started watering (very Homer Simpson-like I might add), and I knew that Elizabeth and Auden had to be mine!  Fortunately, they did book me, and I'm proud to present their wedding photos! The day of the wedding was beautiful!  We started at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, which I completely fell in love with at our walk-through.  The history involved with their church is pretty amazing, especially because President Abraham Lincoln and his family were pew holders just shortly after his inauguration.  So, quite a few of the rooms that Elizabeth and Auden got ready in were historic and antique looking.  One of my favorite shots of the day is Auden with his best man sitting under a portrait of Abraham Lincoln...trying to mimic Abraham Lincoln's pose and gaze.  I think they did a pretty great job too!  :)  My other favorite shots of the day were from our walk to Dupont Circle, right before we entered the reception at The Women's National Democratic Club.  The wind was kicking up due to some incoming weather, so I loved seeing Elizabeth's happy reaction to her veil flying all around!  The reception was lovely and aside from the actual brunch (which yes, I did eat), I loved photographing the gorgeous petifores (check out the cute mice!) and cake.  Elizabeth's background is in baking, so it's no wonder her desserts were so awesome!  Their rose petal exit happened just before the rain started pouring, and I couldn't have been happier with that.  I had an absolute blast being part of Elizabeth and Auden's special day, and I hope you enjoy the photos.  Thank you so much, Elizabeth and Auden!  I hope you enjoy your new home in Leeds, UK!

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