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Jen and Scott's Bristow Manor Engagement Session!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Jen and Scott for their engagement session at Bristow Manor in Bristow, Virginia!  We had such a blast riding around on golf carts to various destinations on the property, and even got to bring their dog, Brody, in for a few photos!  It was a perfect blue-sky day, much like today, and I thought Jen and Scott coordinated fabulously with the bright colors!  Jen and Scott, thanks so much for spending your engagement session with me!  I can't wait for your wedding later this year!  Enjoy! j&s_bristow_engagement_photos_01









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Madalyn and Thomas' Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session!

I love a couple with ideas.  When a couple knows exactly what they want out of their engagement session it makes my job so much easier!  And Madalyn and Thomas were just that couple who made my life (and their engagement session) so much better! I met Madalyn and Thomas down in Old Town for their engagement session, and got to meet their awesome dog Bentley as well!  For Madalyn and Thomas' initial photos they wanted to be in formal wear (with Thomas in his Army uniform).  They first wanted to create a scene where Madalyn is reading one of Thomas' letters he sent from overseas and then he walks up as if he just arrived back to the US.  I really dug the idea and I thought they did a great job of portraying that kind of incredible glee that occurs when you get to see someone you've missed for so long!  We then took a few photos of them walking around and hanging out with Bentley (who responded very well when I made monkey noises to get him to look at me!).  And, of course, we got some great shots with Thomas' dog tags and also ones he gifted to Madalyn.  I just loved the his and her tags that said "No Matter the Distance" and "No Matter How Far."  Swoon!

After the formal shots, Madalyn and Thomas changed into some casual wear and we kept walking around in Old Town!  We landed in a small park down there where I recently took some proposal shots, and we were able to do a ton of different looks with what they brought!  We used a blanket and pillow, bubbles, a parasol and chalkboards!  So awesome!  Madalyn and Thomas did a fantastic job just hanging out being so in love.  They really needed next to no direction, as they wanted their photos to have a very natural flow to them.  I was incredibly impressed with this couple, not only with their incredible modeling skills, but also with their relationship.  It's so amazing to see a couple so united, especially when they have been apart so much!  They're just awesome.  :)

Thanks so much for a wonderful shoot, Madalyn and Thomas!  Enjoy!

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Kimberly and Dan's Riverbend Park Engagement Session

This past weekend I photographed Kimberly and Dan at Riverbend Park in Great Falls, VA, a lovely little park on the calm side of the Potomac.  I go there all the time, as it's a great place to hike, bring the dog, and even go on the beaches and wade in the water.  So much fun!  Kimberly and Dan saw a series I did with a friend here, and really wanted to create some images similar to those.  I was certainly up for the challenge, even though we had fewer leaves on the trees!  However, the day turned out really lovely!  It was in the 70's that day, and splashing around in some water wasn't entirely crazy, even though it's November!  Below are some images from the occasion.  It's hard for me to pick out favorites, but I really do love the weeping cherry photo (number two) and the last photo with the geese flying in the background!  Thank you to Kimberly and Dan for a super fun time...and a big shout out to Dan (effing-a!).  Enjoy! k&d_riverbend_engagement_1








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Libby and Matt's Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session!

I've been waiting for a while for a couple who would embrace some rain, and I finally met my match with Libby & Matt!  I met them both down in Old Town, Alexandria this past weekend, with my awesome new assistant, Mr. Mike Boggs.  Libby & Matt came complete with wellies and an umbrella (as did Mike and I), and we braced ourselves for what could have been some major rain.  Luckily, the heavy rain and storms didn't come through until after noon that day, so we just got some cloudy skies, with a lot of puddles!  As you'll see below, Libby and Matt were an amazing pair to work with, and totally embraced the atmosphere we were in.  Engaged couple + rain + wellies = magical.  Hope you enjoy! l&m_oldtown_engagement_1








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P.S.  Stay tuned for some non-welly photos of Libby & Matt, and more engagements from the weekend!