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Cole Turns Two - An Old Town, Alexandria Family Session!

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is getting to meet so many great vendors along the way.  I first worked with Anne of Graceful Weddings two years ago (wow, I can't believe it's been two years!).  I've seen she and her sidekick, Anna, at events in 2010, and we just finished one in January of 2011 as well!  They're two of the nicest, most organized women in the industry, and I'm so glad I get to work with them! I knew both women had kids, and Anne recently contacted me to see if I could do portraits of their stinkin' adorable son, Cole!  Cole just turned two over the weekend (happy birthday, buddy!) so Anne and husband, Ben, decided they wanted to document Cole turning the big 2 and also get some family shots in!

We decided to meet on a warm day in Old Town, Alexandria, and just walk around to see what Cole liked.  It turns out that Cole really likes going up brick steps, hiding in wrought iron, going up to doors (of the blue variety) and knocking, and he likes running toward people!  He's a very social little guy, and it completely shows in the photographs.  We circled around some blocks in Old Town, but Cole knew the end result was going to be...ice cream!  As a little birthday celebration, we stopped in at Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream so Cole could eat some delicious strawberry ice cream.  I have to say, watching Cole eat was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.  Anne and Ben had to help Cole with his giant bowl (he's only two, of course), and I think we got some really great shots of the three of them as well!

I asked Anne last night if she had any thoughts on Cole turning two, and this is what she said:  "Ben and I are so proud of the hilarious and sweet little boy he is becoming!  He was a month early (born on tax day and came home from the NICU on earth day) and he is still in a hurry all the time, to this day, always a step ahead of us.  :)  Oh yeah, and we triple puffy heart love Lisa Boggs!  :D"

So cute!  Thanks to Anne, Ben and Cole for such a fun day in Old Town!  Happy birthday, Cole!  :)

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