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Style Me Pretty Features Lisa Boggs Photography!

So a few months back, my lovely bride, Brandy, wanted to submit her wedding to Style Me Pretty.  I was completely up for the challenge, so she compiled all of the info and I polished off all of the photos, and BAM!  We submitted it!  And within a few short days, Style Me Pretty accepted the submission, and a few months later published it on their national blog.  How exciting is that?!  I can't tell you how cool it was to see my images (Who, me?  Lisa Boggs?  Where?) on a wedding blog of that caliber.  SO FREAKING COOL!  And of course Brandy did such a great job with her write-up and list of vendors.  So, just scroll down and see for yourself how it looks!  If you want to see the original post, just click on the screen capture I made and that will take you to Style Me Pretty.  Also, Brandy's original wedding blog post on THIS blog is right here.  :) Thank you Brandy and Style Me Pretty!  You guys rule!

Thanks for looking!