silver spring wedding photography

Megan and Tim's After-Wedding Portrait Session at Brookside Gardens!

I think I've officially discovered something from Megan and Tim's portrait session, and that is that every bride loves to twirl in her wedding dress.  And let's be honest, not only does she feel awesome while she's twirling, but she looks awesome...and so does the dress for that matter!  Well, you'll get to see Megan twirl a couple of times in the photos below that I took from our session at Brookside Gardens! Megan connected with me a few months back with the idea of taking some portraits taken, because their wedding photographer was very photojournalistic at their event.  So there are very few portraits of Megan and Tim alone and very few shots that really showcase the dress as well.  I told her I was completely game and met up with them just a few weeks ago to have some fun!

Brookside Gardens is a really stunning place for portraits.  I had never been there, but I most definitely will be back, if anything just to roam around and take in all of the scenery!  I really felt like it combined elements I like from Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, along with stonework similar to Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown.  Although it was incredibly hot the evening Megan, Tim and I set out on our adventure, you can't really even tell!  Megan and Tim looked awesome, and it was such a pleasure getting to walk around, take their photos, and get to know them.  I was really pleased with the photographs we got, and I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks so much Megan and Tim for letting me take some portraits of you!  (We'll just try to forget how horrendous I looked after sweating all over the place...ha ha ha!)  :)

Thanks for looking!