st timothys episcopal church

Katie and Jeff's Reston, Virginia Wedding!

So far 2012 is off to a great start, and a lot of that is because of Katie and Jeff's wedding this past weekend!  You may remember Katie and Jeff from their engagement session last year at Three Fox Vineyards, which you can see here.  Although they had to leave their adorable Westie, Fiona, in doggie day care on the day of their wedding (sad face), I still had an amazing time reconnecting with Katie and Jeff on their big day! First off, let me just say that the weather on their February 18th wedding was incredible.  I think the temperature hit a lovely high of 60 degrees!  So it was great that Katie, Jeff, and their crew got to go outside and not have to shiver in 30 degree weather to take some photos!

We started the day off at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Herndon, Virginia, which I had actually been to before in the fall!  Although Katie and Jeff opted to not see one another before the ceremony, I was pleased with the before shots we were able to get of the two of them.  I particularly enjoyed working with Katie in the churches nursery (yes, the nursery!) for some gorgeous naturally lit bridal portraits (two below, her with the white background).  Once the ceremony began, it was smooth sailing!  Katie did have quite a few moments of laughter during the ceremony (which was fine with me, because I got some great shots!).  It all started when the minister asked everyone to turn off their cell phones, and her father (standing at the alter), promptly found his and shut it off.  I think everyone laughed at that one!  Katie and Jeff were all smiles after their nuptials and then we were off to take photos at the reception!

The reception took place at Hidden Creek Country Club, a venue tucked in the woods in Reston, Virginia!  This venue was a fun challenge for me, especially because I wanted to take photos outdoors but did not want everything to scream "This was taken on a golf course!"  So, I had lots of spots mapped out for where I wanted to go and I really think we were able to capture some fun wedding party photos and couple photos.  My favorite shot might be of Katie and Jeff kissing on the bridge, but it might only slightly beat out the photo of them with the very dramatic lighting and sunset sky in the background.  Tough choices!  After we finished wrapping up photos outside, it was time to party inside and get our dance on (and yes, I do bounce case you were wondering).  I loved so many of the dancing shots, so included them below!  Katie and Jeff's reception was full of singing, dancing and a lot of love.  I had so much fun!

Thank you so much to Katie, Jeff and their friends and family!  I had an amazing time and I hope you enjoy the photos below!  Thanks for looking!




Ahsha and Ade's Gorgeous Northern Virginia Wedding!

Yay!  It's time for Ahsha and Ade's full blog post!  I met Ahsha a little over a year ago at a bridal show, and she and I hit it off straight away!  She went to high school with a good friend (and former bride) of mine, so I was really excited when she decided to book me! First off, I'm sure you'll agree that Ahsha and Ade are such a stunning couple.  They're the kind of couple that have that regal, celebrity look, which you just can't ignore!  But on top of that, they're just a sweet, laid-back couple.

Ahsha and Ade were married at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Herndon, and then traveled to Westfields Marriott in Chantilly for their reception.  I'm sure you'll agree that Ahsha's dress and shoes are incredible, and her dress got a lot of attention when I posted their sneak peek (I'll have to ask her where she got her dress!).  By the time Ahsha got dressed and arrived at the church, it was almost ready for showtime, so I didn't really get to speak with Ade before the ceremony!  But Ade looked amazing, and I was really happy with the way some of the ceremony shots turned out.  One of my favorites is the black and white photo of Ade looking at his new ring (courtesy of Mr. Mike Boggs).

The reception at Westfields Marriott was stunning when you walked in.  We managed to get some beautiful portraits of the couple and wedding party before we went in and partied, but I really love the dancing and toast photos.  There's just so much personality in them!  And you may have seen the staircase shot in the sneak peek, but that's definitely one of my favorite shots of the whole wedding.  I didn't really think Ahsha and Ade could look any better than they had all day, but they totally topped it!  Thank you so much Ahsha and Ade for letting Mike and I photograph your special day!  Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!