the red palace

A Lovely Little Band Called The NRI's

As many of you know, my husband, Mike, is a musician.  And being married to a musician means I know several musicians.  It also means I get to photograph these musicians (yay!).  Enter: The NRI's! If you saw my blog post on We Were Pirates (my husbands band) then you'll likely recognize Mr. Gabe Fry in these band photos, as he's in The NRI's as well!  In fact, this shoot for their new CD came directly from his brain, as this amazing wall (the location of our shoot) is not far from his house!  I went against my better judgement and let Gabe talk me into doing these shots in crazy bright sunlight.  I understood he wanted everything to look bright and punchy, but I knew everyone would be Squinty McGee's!  But somehow, someway, we made it work and I think the photos turned out great.  The original idea was to make the spray painted "The" on the wall part of the band name "The NRI's," so in my head I was trying to create a composition where there was a little space for "NRI's" to go in the design of their CD/promotional materials.  In the end, the "The" got nixed, but I still think it turned out great due to Jesse's design skillz (Jesse being another band member).  Tonight is The NRI's CD release show at the Red Palace, and I cannot wait to see how this photo looks on their CD's and posters!  So if you don't have too much going on this evening, you can come out and hear them play awesome music and get to shake the hand of the photographer who took their photos.  ME!  Ha ha ha!  No, but really, you should come out to their show.  Doors open at 8:30 and show to follow at 9:30!

So, without further ado, meet Gabe, Nayan, Shawn, Jesse, Audrey and Melanie of The NRI's.  Here's the progression of the "winning photo!"

I asked Gabe to go get us a guitar from the car, and shot this little gem as he was running to go get it:

I loved how that looked, so we had him run with the guitar.  The rest of the band gave him high-fives occasionally:

Then we got the winning shot, just after the previous.  This is edited up to look super sassy:

And below is the shot all done up for promotion!  Isn't it pretty?  (Click to view a bit larger.)

This is the shot immediately after the winning one.  Just not as awesome:

And below are some out-takes.  Aren't they a lovely group?

Of course, we made Gabe run, so then I forced everyone to run too.  Ah, the powerful hand of the photographer!  Shots below...

They used some of these below shadows shots for promotional purposes too.  Whee!

I hope you enjoyed these and I hope to see everyone at the show tonight!  Yay!