the tombs

Katie and Tom's Georgetown and Silver Spring Wedding!

Katie and Tom are the kind of couple I could sit back and chill out with all the time.  In fact, we met up at Adega in Silver Spring for their consult and walk-through and just relaxed, drank some wine and beer, and had a great time.  So knowing that their wedding is all done makes me sad, as I might not get to hang out with them anymore!  :(  But enough of me moping...on to their wedding! TomKat (oh yeah, I went there!) had their gorgeous wedding ceremony at Georgetown University in Dahlgren Chapel (an alma mater of Katie's).  After the ladies left their hotel, they continued getting ready over in a classroom of Healy Hall at Georgetown, and I absolutely had to utilize the giant chalkboard they had in there for some photos!  Some of my favorite shots of the day were the ones of Katie making a list of things she had to do on her wedding day.  So cute!  Katie and Tom looked amazing during the ceremony and totally beamed with excitement.  :)  After Katie and Tom were married, they wanted to go to The Tombs, a local bar and restaurant that Katie used to work at when she was still in school at Georgetown.  So we walked over there and got a few photos (and they got drinks!) before we headed off to the reception!   Their reception was held at the Silver Spring Civic Center, a new building in downtown Silver Spring that is a beautiful modern space for people to utilize for events.  I was instantly drawn to its modern structure and gorgeous wood on the outside of it, which you will see in the last two photos.

Many thanks to Katie and Tom for inviting me to be a part of their wedding!  I had such a fun time with them, their family and their friends.  Like I said, it's sad that it's all over, but I'm so happy I can share these photos with them!  :)  Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!



P.S.  If you didn't see their photo booth, check that out here!  :)