urban portrait session

Cicely and Jason's Urban Graffiti Portrait Session!

I seriously can't say enough good things about this couple.  Mike and I met Cicely and Jason two years ago, and they have been some of our best friends ever since!  You may remember them from my Valley of Fire photo shoot we did in February when we decided to take a day out of our WPPI trip to go play around in the desert!  Well, Cicely and Jason are back on the blog in their urban graffiti portrait session, and let me just say...they completely rocked it! Cicely, Jason and I all went back and forth on an idea for them in the planning stages, and when the idea of graffiti came up I thought it sounded awesome.  They're definitely an urban kind of couple and they wanted that feel without it looking too much like Washington, DC.  Jason actually found this wall (if you ask me where it is, I won't remember, so just ask him!) and I was ecstatic to head out there and see what different kinds of shots we could get!  Cicely was a completely natural from the beginning, and although Jason ended up being quite the GQ model, we did have to work a bit of the giggles out of him to begin with (if you know who he is, you know exactly what I'm talking about)!  We had an amazing time with these two, and I'm so happy with the photos we were able to get of them.  Mike accompanied me as my fierce assistant, and he did a great job with ideas and lighting throughout the shoot.  We wrapped up at sundown and of course celebrated our success with delicious Mexican food close-by.  I believe Jason would refer to this as "winning!"  Ha ha ha ha!  :)

Thanks so much to my photog besties for letting us take these photos of them!  We love you guys!  Enjoy!

Thanks for looking!