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Julia Turns One - A Falls Church Family Session!

So you may remember my previous post with Anne of Graceful Weddings (I did a family session with her son, Cole, and husband, Ben!).  Well meet the other part of Graceful Weddings, Anna!  Anna scheduled a session with me recently for her adorbs daughter, Julia.  Julia just turned one recently, so we had to take some photos of her looking super cute and also very birthday girl-like!  :)  So I met with Anna, Dallas and Julia at their home in Falls Church for a little photo shoot to commemorate the occasion! Julia is soooooooo cute and ridiculously high-energy!  We took some shots of her outside on a blanket first, and of course after sitting for a bit, she had to crawl around.  Do not think that Julia likes grass from these photos, because she does not! We did try and put her down in just grass and she just hated the texture, so back on the blanket she went!  She did stand up all by herself like a big girl until she decided to crawl again.  I'm told that Julia has actually taken her first steps since these photos, which is just incredible!  We did get some other family shots while we were outside before it actually started crazy storming, and I love the family shot of Anna, Dallas and Julia all together!

Inside the house, I got some shots of Julia playing with her toys.  I don't know what it is about kids and their toys, I swear, I could watch them play with toys for hours.  Maybe it's their little hands and big eyes trying to figure everything out, but I just become mesmerized!  Julia apparently is very good with round objects at the moment, and has memorized the slots that they belong in.  She's so smart!  After playtime, we went upstairs to the kitchen to commemorate her birthday with a Georgetown Cupcake!  At first, Julia looked very wide-eyed at it, like she really wanted it, but then she kind of had a meltdown and we didn't know why.  Turns out, Julia really wanted supper, and not in the form of a cupcake.  So, Anna fed Julia with some peas and carrots first, and after that Julia moved on to the cupcake for dessert!  She looked awesome eating her cupcake, and the second to last photo of her made me laugh so hard I almost cried.  Every kid deserves to smash a cupcake up and get it all over themselves!

Many thanks to Anna, Dallas and Julia for letting me come over and photograph the fam!  I had such a blast and I hope you like the photos.  And if anyone out there is in the market for a wedding planner, definitely contact Graceful Weddings!  Anna and Anne are two amazing ladies, and actually just added a third gal to their biz, Lauren!  I met all of them last night to see Bridesmaids together, and we had a blast.  They're just really great people!  :)  Enjoy!  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA!

Thanks for looking!