ninja squirrel photography

Lisa Boggs and the Ninja Squirrels

Ninja squirrels. If you haven't seen them yourself, you more than likely have heard of them. They are not ordinary squirrels, mind you. They are the types of squirrels that do anything for food. Anything. They plague the yards of millions of people every year. If I had to throw out a statistic based on zero facts, I'd say ninja squirrels occupy the yards of 72% of North American households. That, my friends, is a lot of ninja squirrels. Today my ninja squirrels were up to their old tricks again on our bird feeder. I thought the semi-invisible wire that holds our feeder would keep those silly squirrels guessing for years. But no. They're ninja squirrels, so they figured out in a few months that the semi-invisible wire was actually something they could climb down. Adjacent to the feeder is a bird bath that is empty most of the time unless I put water or food in it. Anywho, I'm just going to narrate what happened in the photos I took because it's really hilarious. It involves ninja squirrel no. 1, and ninja squirrel no. 2. Here goes (narration under each photo):

"Look at meeeeeeeeeeee! I'm ninja squirrel no. 1! I'm dangling from from yo bird feeder! See my epic ninja moves? I cling to yo feeder with my crazy claws and then drop this seed down fo myself and the other ninja squirrels to eat! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Take THAT!"

"Sometimes I don't care about the other ninja squirrels, and I just cling to yo feeder and eat the bird seed all by myself. I got game! Look at my back legs! Don't think I couldn't karate chop yo face! I could! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Hey...wait...what's that noise...wha...WHA?........."

"NINJA SQUIRREL NO. 2! What are you DOING?!!! This is MY turf, boyyyyyyyyy! You don't know how to jump into that bird bath! WHAT THE CUSS?!!! YOU'RE RUINING THE MISSIOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!"



Disclaimer: No ninja squirrels were injured for the creation of this photographic sequence. All ninja squirrels are alive and well, and hopefully will be back for future blog posts.

P.S. I am now excepting new names for Ninja Squirrel No. 1 and Ninja Squirrel No. 2. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!